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Want to impress your boss on this Boss Day?

Boss Day was first introduced or registered in the United States in 1958 by Patricia Bays Haroski to thank her employers who were kind and encouraged her. She chose the date October 16th and intended to improve the relationship between the employer and employees. This day was officially declared as Boss Day only in 1962. Gradually this custom was introduced to other countries like Australia, India, Canada, Ireland, and Egypt. I will present a list of gifts that can be given to your employer on that day. Even though still people do not welcome this idea this is the best way to build a rapport with your employer.

A simple arrangement may do the trick:

We all know that our supervisors get paid more than us so it is not necessary for you to buy a costly gift. Let this year’s gift be simple like an arrangement of Asiatic lilies and roses.

Healthy gift:

The first gift on the Boss Day gifts list is a basket full of fruits with Lilies. The basket comes with a variety of fruits and this will impress your employer because you send out a message that you care about his/her health.

An orchid gift for the bold employer:

Orchids are always unique and a tall arrangement of orchids sends out a unique message to the receiver. This arrangement of pink and purple orchids along with a chocolate cake and a bottle of wine is one of the best Boss Day gifts you can give.

If you are arranging a party:

In case if your boss is arranging a party for his/her employees on the special you can visit with a combo gift of cake, chocolates, and a bouquet of red roses. I am sure your boss will be impressed with your gesture. Even you can arrange a party at your place. 

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Send flowers to Kolkata - “The city of Joy”

Kolkata, which was the British trading post in the 1600s, became the capital of British India later. This brought several changes in the structure and the financial status of the city. Even though there are arguments going on with the nickname of the city, Kolkata boasts of being the third most populous metropolitan city in India. This city is also known as the cultural capital of India and hence you may not face any challenges in finding a florist. But if you are not in Kolkata how will you send flowers to Kolkata?

This question is answered by online gift websites like If you want to express your love to someone special you always try to buy a bouquet of red roses. Now you can send an arrangement as big as 100 red roses to Kolkata through gift websites. I case if you want to send your wishes to your friend on his/her wedding or birthday you can send a bunch of white and red carnations. Since Kolkata is a megacity there is no scarcity for flowers and decorations.

Yellow is the color that is used to tell that you are grateful for what a particular person has done for you. If you want to send a bunch of yellow Asiatic lilies it has become easier because of the internet and technology. In case if you want to send something unique to your loved ones in Kolkata, you can do so by sending a bunch of orange gerberas. For centuries Kolkata has been the center of literature and art in India. So sending the flowers is an old custom in the city. If you visit this place you can see many of the artifacts and practices that are still followed even after 100 years.

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Plan ahead for Diwali gifts for your employees

Diwali is the festival of lights that is celebrated in Asian countries like India, Nepal, Singapore, and Sri Lanka. This is called the festival of lights to symbolize the victory of light over darkness (same as good over evil). This year’s Diwali will be celebrated on 18th October. If you have not yet decided on the Diwali gifts for your employees this post will be of great help to you.

Crackers and flowers:

This is one of the gifts that can be sent to your female employees. A bunch of pink carnations and crackers can be the best choice for corporate gifts. You just have to order the number of gifts you need and arrange someone to order it for you.

Diyas for Diwali:

we all know that Diwali is known as the festival of lights and the houses will be decorated with lights and Diyas. Another suggestion as corporate Diwali gift is a box of almonds with four Diyas to decorate their house. You can give this gift to both male and female employees.

Sweets and crackers:

Bursting crackers is considered as an important ritual for Diwali. Without lighting at least one cracker, Diwali celebrations will be incomplete. So you can order for a box of sweets and crackers for your employees this year. This will be more suitable for male employees.

Chocolates and Diyas for the ladies:

The last one in the corporate Diwali gifts is a combo of milk chocolates and Diyas. We all know that women love chocolates so this is the perfect choice for the female employees. The pack comes with 3 milk chocolate bars, four Diyas, and a matka diya.

The second one is the best choice since you can send it to everyone in your office.

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Diwali gifts no one can refuse

Well, Diwali is around the corner and we have only one month to prepare for the celebrations. Be it any festival, it is not complete without gifts. For Diwali also you should exchange Diwali gifts with your family and friends. But finding the perfect gift for your loved ones is sometimes a tedious and confusing job. Here we will help you with the gift selection by giving a small list of Diwali gifts. You just have to visit the website and order for the gift.

A Diwali splendor for your parents:

Pink roses, pink carnations, and two white lilies with a basket of dry fruits are one of the best Diwali gifts that can be given to your parents. The pink colored flowers symbolize your gentle care towards your parents and the white lilies convey your innocent and pure love to them. The dry fruits basket is for their health since they need to take care of their health.

A chocolaty gift for your spouse:

The correct flower for your spouse will be red rose and the correct sweet is chocolate. So why don’t you order a combo of red roses and a chocolate box for this year’s Diwali? The chocolate box is from Ferrero Rocher.

Diwali Sweet Blush for your princess:

Girls like pink color and this color is often used to represent girly things (from dress to bicycles). Get online and order a combo of pink roses and Kaju Roll sweet box for your charming daughter.

Rasgullas and Crackers for your boy:

Boys like to play outside and Diwali is the time when they love to enjoy lighting crackers with their friends. They start the bursting 4 or 5 days before Diwali. You can get a box of Rasgullas and crackers delivered at your doorstep for your son.

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Different colors of roses and their meanings

As per the science of plants (Botany), roses are flowers of perennial shrubs in the genus of Rosa. But this definition may not be necessary for us because we exactly know what a rose is. Did you ever know that there are more than 100 species in this genus and they are very beautiful? They come in a range of colors. Some of them are natural and some of them are hybrid colors. You can even buy a rose in “Amber Flush" color from the market. The size also varies depending on the species. We also know that there are different meanings for the color of roses and here we will see the four most commonly used colors.

Red roses:

A bouquet of red roses is always used by couples to express their love and romance. Red roses also depict beauty and is a method used to say “I love you” to your partner.

Pink roses:

A rose in pink color can express many feelings. Some of the feelings that can be conveyed through a bouquet of pink roses are happiness, grace, admiration, sweetness, and gentleness because the pink color (usually light color) is gentle to the eyes.

Yellow roses:

Unlike red roses, the yellow roses express the friendship between two people. A bunch of yellow roses tells the other person that you are very happy to be with him/her. This color is usually used by friends to wish each other when they meet. This color also sends out a cheerful vibe to the receiver.

White roses:

We all know that the white color represents innocence and purity. So, giving a bunch of white roses will tell the person that the feelings you have towards that person are innocent, pure, and charming. 

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How Dasara is connected with Navratri and Diwali

In India, most of the festivals fall in the months of September and October. It starts with Ganesh Chaturthi and ends by Diwali; the festival of lights. Dasara or Vijaya Dashami is celebrated at the end of Durga Puja or Navratri. In some Indian states, Dasara is celebrated to mark the victory of Durga over evil and in some other states; this festival symbolizes the victory of Rama over Ravana. On this day, statues of gods and goddesses will be immersed in water. This festival also kicks start the preparations for Diwali that comes 20 days after Dasara. So, this is the time to remember your loved ones which is possible by sending them Dasara gifts.

Floral surprise for Dasara:

The simplest of the Dasara gifts is a bouquet of white and red roses with seasonal flowers. Flowers speak a lot more than words and sending flowers to your loved ones has become easier with the online ordering websites.

A healthy gift:

The festival feast will be full of calories and the sweets make it worse. If the person is a fitness freak you can send him/her, a basket full of assorted fruits with a small bunch of seasonal flowers.

Wish with chocolates:

As mentioned above, Dasara marks the end of Navratri celebrations. So why don’t you send a combo of flowers and chocolates to the special person in your life? This gift combo comes with a bunch of white roses and a box of Cadbury Celebrations with Navratri wishes.

Something sweet for the festival:

Sending a sweet box along with a bunch of mix colored roses is one of the best Dasara gifts for the year. The flowers will represent your wish and the sweets are for the festival celebrations.

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