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Make celebrations tastier with designer cakes

Cakes – the sweet baked desserts – are an integral part of all celebrations; be it small or big. Even when we celebrate our birthday with our family we order for a cake so that it will give a “celebration feel” to the day. The baking methods and frosting art have developed so much that we can get any cake design for our celebrations. So, let us look into the cake designs (rather than flavors) for the three most important celebrations of our life - birthday, wedding, and a baby.

1. Birthday:

We celebrate birthdays to let the person know that he/she is loved and remembered. We may not celebrate birthdays as we age but for kids and youngsters, birthday is the day of celebration with their friends and family. If you are planning to celebrate your princess’s birthday, a designer cake in the shape of angels will be the best choice. But a cake in the shape of a car will be the best one for your naughty boy.

2. Wedding or wedding anniversary:

Wedding is a “once in lifetime” event and we want to have the best cake for the day. Usually, for wedding receptions, we select a vanilla cake so that it will be white in color to represent the pure love between the bride and groom. But a pink two-tier fondant cake in the heart shape  can also be a good choice to celebrate the day.

3. Baby:

After the wedding, the most special day in a couple’s life is the arrival of their baby. To celebrate this blessing from God you can order a cake with a figurine of sleeping baby on the top of the cake. The cake can be any flavor, but a light flavor will be the best choice for the baby shower celebrations.

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