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Send flowers to Faridabad - the industrial hub of Haryana

Faridabad, named after Shaikh Farid is a city in the Indian state Haryana and is the largest city in the state. The city is developing faster than most of the other cities in India and has become an industrial hub now. There are a variety of industries from the production of Henna to electronics making it the highest revenue earning district. Having created its mark on the map sending a gift is not a difficult task now.

Amazing Asiatic lilies:

Lilies are known to signify purity and grace. If you are looking to gift a family member or someone you consider to be family, there is no better choice than the Amazing Asiatic lilies. This gift bouquet consists of a bunch of 6 Asiatic lilies packed in matching yellow paper, wound with a beautiful yellow ribbon. As a morning gift, this is bound to bring forth a feeling of refreshment and brightness.

Spartacus forever gift:

The white lily is an indication of purity and humility. The Spartacus forever gift includes two stems of white lilies and seven stems of red carnations stylishly arranged in a silvery white net bow. The assortment is bound to make the subject happy and elated.

Flowero perfecto gift:

Now, let us look at some of the best gifts for her. The female obsession with roses is well known, more so with the red ones. The Flowero perfecto gift consists of a beautiful arrangement of forty roses along with three exotic candles in a perfect basket. This is the surest way to depict your love, care, and affection for her.

Scent of love:

Well, this one is for the extreme romantic hearts. The scent of love consists of a hundred red roses with seasonal fillers that give it a simple yet an elegant and rich look. This bouquet of love is wrapped in a contrast paper wound with a ribbon bow. It will make the subject fall in love with you again and again.

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Send flowers to Ambala - the twin city in Haryana

Ambala is a city in Haryana and is near to the border with Punjab. The city has two parts – Ambala Cantonment and Ambala city. This is the reason why they are called twin cities. Enough about the city, let us speak about the gifts that can be sent to Ambala. Below are some of the flower bouquets that can be sent to Ambala.

Tempting treat:

First I have included a gift combo of cake, red roses, and teddy bear. The bouquet in this combo comprises of 6 red roses. The 6-inch cute teddy bear is the best gift for the kids in the family. The cake is made of chocolate and can be used for the cake cutting ceremony for festivals. This combo is a gift you can send to your family if you are away from them.

Worldly hues:

If you are not planning for a luxurious gift this is the best choice. Here I am referring to a bouquet that is made of carnations. There will be totally 12 carnations that are of four different colors (red, pink, yellow, and light pink). The covering is different and the green fillers are used as a different layer below the flower bunch.

Sunny yellow gift:

We all know that yellow is a color that brings happiness and sunflowers symbolize cheerfulness. The next bouquet is made of 10 yellow gerberas that are arranged inside green fillers. A yellow satin ribbon is used to tie all these flowers together. This will bring a smile on the receiver’s face for sure.

Fiery brave heart gift:

Both lilies and carnations represent sweet and gentle love. Hence I I have added a bunch of 15 orange carnations and 4 yellow Asiatic lilies to this list.

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Flower bouquets that can be sent to Aligarh for any occasion

Aligarh, an industrial city southeast to the national capital New Delhi is known for its lock industry. Aligarh is part of the North Indian state Uttar Pradesh and the city is also famous for the higher level educational institutions. If you want to send flowers and other gifts to Aligarh, we can help you with some gift suggestions.

Beauty and grace:

The first one is a simple gift combo that has pink roses bouquet and 5 Dairy milk chocolates from Cadbury. Sending chocolates along with the flower bouquet will make the receiver happy. This is the best choice if you are planning to send flowers to Aligarh for your girlfriend.

Multicolored love:

Roses are the first flowers that will come to our minds if you are planning to gift bouquet to your lover or spouse. Each color denotes different meanings and feelings. So send a multicolored rose bouquet to the love of your life to express your romantic love.

Sunset Mambo gift:

Next one is a rare bouquet that is made of fire lilies or orange lilies. These lilies are tied with some colored dry sticks using a net cloth. These flowers express your passionate love to your loved ones.

Heartbeat rose gift:

Send a heartfelt message to Aligarh using this roses arrangement in the shape of the heart. The florist has used 100 red roses in this arrangement and is the perfect gift for occasions like Valentine’s day, anniversaries, and birthday.

Friendly Liaisons Gift:

The last flower bouquet that is added to this list is the one that can be sent to your friends in Aligarh. The flower bouquet is made of carnations. There are 20 red and yellow carnations in this bouquet that are wrapped using a white linen cloth.

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Send flowers to Kolhapur a historical city in Maharashtra

Kolhapur has a significant stamp of historical importance. An erstwhile Maratha stronghold, Kolhapur got its name from a demon king named Kolhasur who was killed by the Goddess. Needless to say, if you are going to gift somebody from Kolhapur, it better be quite a good gift.

Inner cravings gift:

Floral tributes were a great significance in the past. So, if you want to send flowers to Kolhapur, you need something that is of aesthetic value. The “Inner Cravings gift” would undoubtedly leave a sense of craving to anybody who takes a look at it. A bunch of twelve adorable yellow roses standing out among green seasonal fillers, that are well wrapped in a cellophane enclosure look amazing. This bouquet is completed with a ribbon and bow.

Shades and hues gift:

If the subject is somebody who admires less bright colors and leads a sedate king like life, the “Shades and Hues gift” is the right choice. This gift consists of an assortment of long stem ten multi-colored roses enclosed in a cellophane packing, tied firmly with a red and pink colored ribbon bow.

Queen of Hearts gift:

If the person you are looking to gift is an elegant lady, there is no other way to express your intense feeling of love, devotion and sweetness than the “Queen of Hearts” gift bouquet. It includes a bunch of six white lilies, five red Anthuriums and fifteen red carnations in a matching gentle non-woven paper packing.

Truly thankful gift:

If you intend to thank a lady and want to leave no measures to prove that you mean it, the “truly thankful gift” is the undisputed choice. A well-decorated florescence of naturally exotic flowers such as Anthuriums, Lilies, and  ‘Bird of Paradise’, this gift would melt the heart of the subject with no words spoken.

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Send flowers to Allahabad - a city with a vast history

Just like Patna in Bihar Allahabad has a great history dating back to centuries. Situated in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh Allahabad is the judicial capital of the state. The city has great importance in the development of the state and North India. Let us see some of the flowers and cakes that can be sent to this city if you are planning to send flowers to Allahabad.

Healthy glow:

The first one on this list is a basket arrangement of fruits and flowers. This basket has 3 kilograms of mixed fruits and white Asiatic lilies. Some of the fruits that are included in this basket are pineapple, apple, grapes, and oranges. There may be some of the seasonal fruits also in the basket.

Think Pink:

After red, pink is the most used color for flowers. Pink roses symbolize elegance, grace, and sweetness. So send a vase arrangement of 25 pink roses. This is a gift combo. There will be a Truffle cake sent along with the flower vase arrangement. This is a gift combo that is perfect for any occasion.

Let it go gift:

Next is a gift combo of flower basket arrangement and a wine bottle. The basket arrangement is made with 18 red carnations and some yellow Asiatic lilies. The wine bottle makes this the best gift for your husband or boyfriend. This is an ideal gift for birthdays and anniversaries.

Mix color roses gift:

Gifting a flower bouquet for special occasions is the best way to convey your feelings to your loved ones. If you want to send flowers to Allahabad you can send a bouquet of 20 mixed color roses. The fillers on this flower bouquet make it elegant and beautiful.  

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Send flowers and gifts to Patna – one of the oldest inhabited cities

Patna is one of the oldest cities in the world that was continuously occupied by the human race. It has a long history to tell and was very powerful in the ancient times. It was the capital of many empires time after time. Now it is the capital of the Indian state Bihar. The rich history and the cultural traditions attract many tourists yearly. Here are some of the beautiful flower bouquets that can be sent to Patna.

Wild thing gift:

The first one is a complete gift combo for your loved one in Patna. The combo consists of a wine bottle, a butterscotch cake, and a basket arrangement of 4 blue orchids and 10 red carnations

Smile everyday gift:

From you can order for serenades in one order. Serenades will be sent daily depending on your order. You do not have to order them separately. So if you are planning to send flowers to Patna you can do that through serenades. This is a 3-day serenade in which on the first day the recipient will get a teddy bear, second day a chocolate cake, and on the third day, it will be a bunch of red roses.

Symbol of Hope:

Next one is a simple gift combo that has a flower vase and a heart-shaped cushion. The glass vase is square in shape and will be filled with 6 pink Asiatic lilies. The cushion is 6 to 8 inch tall and is red in color.

Affair With Extravaganza:

The last one is a gift combo that has everything for a gift to your loved ones. The combo comes with a 1-feet tall teddy, a Blackforest cake, Ferrero Rocher chocolate pack and a flower bouquet of exotic flowers.

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Send flowers to Kanpur - the leather city

Kanpur is a large industrial town in north India and is situated in Uttar Pradesh. This city has the second highest population after Lucknow which is the capital of Uttar Pradesh. Enough about the city, let us talk about the flower bouquets that you can send to Kanpur. If you are confused about how to send flowers to Kanpur, the websites like can be of big help.

Heartfelt forever gift:

Red roses are the ambassadors of romantic and passionate love between a couple. So if you want to send flowers to Kanpur for your lover or spouse this is the best choice. The bunch of 40 red roses are wrapped using a white cellophane paper and is tied using a red ribbon.

Sunny petals gift:

We all love the charming sunflowers. Gerberas are small flowers that resemble sunflowers but comes in different colors. So next, I have included a bouquet of orange gerberas to tell the recipient that he or she is the happiness of your life. There will be 10 orange gerberas that are wrapped in cellophane.

Paradise city gift:

Some flowers are very rare since they are not adapted to all climate conditions. These flowers are called exotic flowers. The bouquet that is added next to the list is a bunch of exotic flowers. In this bouquet, there are 5 bird of paradise stems and 6 Anthuriums. Both these flowers are considered exotic since it is difficult to grow them in Indian climate.

Magic miracle gift:

Roses and carnations are always considered as flowers that speak volumes about our emotions. When roses are used to symbolize romantic love most of the time the carnations are used to symbolize gentle love and care. In the bouquet there are 6 red roses and 6 carnations.

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Send flowers to Patiala - where fashion is passion

Patiala is a city in the northeastern state of India famously known as Punjab. This is a city with great and regal history. Patiala is known for many traditional clothing items like jutti and turban. This city is not behind in any area – be it cultural or arts. So sending flowers to Patiala is not a difficult task since it is known for its trades. Below are some of the flowers you can send to Patiala through

A gift of integrity:

White is the color that is used to denote purity, integrity, and innocence. The first bouquet is made of 10 white roses. A cellophane paper is used to wrap these flowers and the seasonal green fillers.

Green lights:

The second bouquet in the list is made of Asiatic lilies. This is the perfect bouquet that you can send to your loved ones or friends to thank them for something they have done for you. The yellow lilies symbolize gratefulness.

Sweet surrender:

As I had already mentioned in the previous posts some flowers in the market are rare and they are known as exotic flowers. This is a basket-like arrangement of 6 purple orchids. You can order this to your loved one’s doorstep.

Indulgent surprise:

The last one on this list is a beautiful arrangement of red roses. This 3 layer bouquet is the best way to convey your love towards someone. If the love of your life is away from you and is staying in Patiala you can send this bouquet. The florist has used 100 red roses to make this tall arrangement. Jute and green fillers are used to make the three layers and at the bottom, a red ribbon is used to tie everything together.

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A list of wine combos for your boyfriend on this Valentine’s Day

Wine is a beverage that is made by fermenting grapes. History says that wine production existed even 8000 years ago. Grapes are the most commonly used fruit; however, there are other fruits like apple and berries used for winemaking. Wine is favored by everyone because the alcoholic content is lesser when compared to the other beverages. If you are confused about Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend you can get a gift combo of flowers and wine. Below are some of these gift combos that can make his day.

A wine basket of three:

Get him a basket of three wines on this Valentine’s Day as a gesture to say that you care about his likes and dislikes. This basket comes with three different types of wines (white wine, red wine, and a sparkling Brut Dargent) and a pack of savory Breadsticks. Your boyfriend can enjoy this with you and his friends.

Rose and wine bouquet:

The above gift combo was for him to celebrate with his friends and this one is exclusively for you both. This gift combo has a vase arrangement of red roses and a bottle of wine. Visit him on Valentine’s Day and celebrate your love with a glass of wine.

Wine with chocolate:

The next Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend is a combo of a chocolate box and a Rosemount wine bottle. The white wine bottle from Rosemount vinery along with the chocolates will make his day sweeter.

Midnight glimmer:

This is the perfect gift for your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. This gift hamper of roses and wine can add colors to your celebration. Along with the flower bouquet and wine bottle, a chocolate cake is also delivered so that you can have a private cake cutting ceremony.

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Send flowers to Amritsar for celebrations

Amritsar is a city in the Indian state - Punjab. If you are planning to send flowers to Amritsar, you can do that through online gift websites like In this post, I have listed some of the flower arrangements that can be sent to Amritsar as a gift to your loved ones.

A simple bouquet:

The first one on this list is a flower bouquet that is made of three white oriental lilies. These flowers are wrapped in a jute matte to give it the elegant look. White lilies are the symbols of pure and gentle love. This can be given to your family members on any occasion.

A gift like a mother’s care:

We all know that there is no one in this world who will take care of us like our mother. So this gift combo is an ideal gift for your mother during this festival season. The gift combo has a bunch of roses along with a basket of mixed fruits. You will get any 4 of these fruits in the basket - Apples, Pine Apple, Grapes, Bananas, And Papaya.

Crazy daisy gift:

Another option you have for flower bouquet is an arrangement of yellow African daisies in a mud pot. Yellow color brings up happiness and smile on everyone’s face.

Moonlight Island flower arrangement:

Gladioli are used to symbolize strength and integrity of the relationship between two people. In this arrangement the florist has used 12 white gladiolus stems to arrange them in a basket. This formation is beautiful and is an eye-catcher.

Tropical paradise gift:

The last one on this list is a tall flower arrangement of pink lilies, orchids, carnations, gerberas, Anthuriums, and Bird of paradise. This exotic flower arrangement will be at least 3 feet tall.

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