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Some of the easy but awesome mothers day presents

Mothers day is celebrated every year to honor the motherhood. This year it is celebrated on May 13th which falls on Sunday. This makes it easy for everyone to meet their mother and spend time with her. You still would not have decided on the gift but that does not mean that you cannot now. Your mother deserves the best and beautiful mothers day gifts. Let us look into some of the stunning flower arrangements here.

Best wishes to Mom:

it is always your mother who will be wishing you “all the best” whenever you do something new. She prays for your well being and you also need to wish her all the best in her life. Exotic flowers are the best choice for this and the bouquet in the link– can fulfill your dream. The flowers used here are pink lilies, roses, and carnations along with the greeting card.

Darling Mother's special:

For all of us our mother is special in a unique way. The florist has made this flower vase arrangement unique by using pink rose buds and seasonal green fillers. This is one of the amazing mothers day presents that I found online.

Birds of wonder Mother's day special:

The florist has given this name because the flowers used in the bouquet are called ‘bird of paradise’. This is a bunch of 5 “bird of paradise” flowers in orange color wrapped in big green leaves.

A wonderful life Mother's day special:

The last one on this list of amazing mothers day gifts is a bunch of roses in a glass vase. The florist has used 10 roses of different colors to create a colorful flower vase arrangement here. The glass vase is a round and transparent one that can be used even after the roses wither.

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Pleasant and colorful gifts for Mothers day

It is not difficult to find the right “happy mothers day presents” nowadays because of the internet. There are many websites that can help you to get awesome mothers day gifts and get them delivered. But nothing like flowers can make the gifts more pleasant and colorful.  Read on, you will get an idea and you can even order them online.

Beauty inside Mother's day special:

To make a beautiful flower bouquet you do not need so many flowers. You can just order a bunch of red roses arranged in a glass vase. If you want to add a personal touch you can even buy pink or orange roses separately and arrange them in a vase. 

Garden of bliss Mother's day special:

When you go for happy mothers day gifts shopping you would be seeing many gifts that are in pink color. Pink is a color that is associated with motherly love and carnations are the flowers ideal for that. Hence I have added a round glass vase that has some pink carnations in it.

Bounty of love Mother's day special:

This is the most colorful vase arrangement I found while searching for some awesome mothers day gift ideas. You can make the flower bouquet colorful by arranging any flower. The best way to do this is by using seasonal flowers. In the given link the florist has used all the seasonal flowers that are available.

Color love Mother's day special:

The above gift was made of seasonal flowers and the last one is made of carnations. Here the florist has used different colored carnations to make the flower bouquet colorful. These 10 carnations can really make your mother happy on her special day – the mothers day. Order any of these and celebrate the mothers day with her.

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2018 mothers day gifts for your mother

To many of us, the year 2018 has just dawned a few days back. Little do we know that the Mother’s day is just around the corner now. It’s already that part of the year where you start looking for the best gift for mom on mother's day. While there is no gift on this planet that can equate the love and appreciation she deserves, let us take a look at some of the best gift for mom for mother's day.

Lots of Love mother’s day special:

The more you love the mother, the better. The gift of love that she had passed on to her children stands the test of time and so our gift for her should also be something that would remain etched in her memories forever. Lots of Love Mother’s day special is arguably the best gift for mother’s day. This simple gift consists of a bunch of ten orange carnations in a glass vase. Orange represents enthusiasm, joy, and sunshine. This gift that you give in 2018 is going to be remembered for a long time.

Classic Treat Mother’s day special:

For those ladies who have a touch of classic elegance, the classic treat Mother’s day special would be the best gift for mom on mother's day. The Classic Treat Mother’s day special consists of a bunch of twelve baby pink roses neatly arranged in a glass vase with a beautiful greeting card. Baby pink is the color that is associated with cuteness, gentleness, and sweetness. Having borne children the mother would definitely understand what it means.

Mommy’s Princess:

If the mother you know is somebody who likes simplicity, Mommy’s princess is one of the best gifts for mom. This cute gift consists of a bunch of hundred white roses. White roses are the symbol of innocence and purity. As a gift, the “Mommy’s Princess” signifies the same qualities, the traits that make motherhood universally worshipful.

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A special gift for your young friend on “Youth Day”

In India, January 12th is dedicated to Youth Day. This is the birthday of Swami Vivekananda, who was the one who introduced Indian philosophies outside India. He was born in Calcutta, in West Bengal. Even though his birthday is observed only in Calcutta, the Youth Day is celebrated all over in India. Let us make use of this day to wish our young friends for their and our country’s bright future. If you are sending the gift with Vivekananda birthday wishes then you can send flowers to Kolkata.

Special Surprise:

Youngsters are the future of any country, so it is right to dedicate a day to them. You can wish your friends who are young with a special surprise combo. This is a gift combo with a glass vase flower arrangement and a chocolate cake. The bouquet has white chrysanthemums, pink carnations, white gerberas, and green button pom poms.

Healthy glow:

Young people are always conscious about their looks. To keep the skin glowing you have to eat more fruits than spices or carbohydrates. So send a basket of assorted fruits to your young friends on this year’s Youth Day.

A precious gift with a gift voucher:

Another specialty of youth is that they are capable of selecting what they want to do. Often people give money to young people so that they can select a gift for themselves. This gift combo has a bunch of red carnations and a gift voucher. You can choose any combo that has the right gift voucher.


Orchids are known to represent strength and youth is the strength of any society. So get an orchid plant for your young friends to wish them prosperity and success throughout the year. Gifting plants symbolize wishing prosperity. 

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A winter gift for your loved ones in the Netherlands

Netherlands is a country that is known for the plain landscapes. Amsterdam is the capital and this place is famous for its canals, cycling routes, windmills, and tulips. There are many festivals and activities like Light Festival in every winter season for two months to attract tourists. If you want to send flowers to Netherlands, you just have to place the order online. Your loved one who is living in this European country will be very happy to receive a surprise gift in this winter season. If you want to send flowers to Netherlands or any city in Netherlands you can do that from the websites like

Sunny Splendor:

The big yellow Sunflowers are always considered as cheerleaders in the group of flowers. Let us greet our loved ones in Netherlands with a bunch of sunflowers. The bunch is wrapped in a gift wrapping paper and is tied using yellow satin ribbon.

Royal Radiance:

The next flower bouquet is a mix of different colored flowers. The flowers used in this bouquet are gerberas, roses, tiny daisies, and green fillers. Send this simple bunch of flowers to your loved ones in Netherlands.


The third vase arrangement is made of pink flowers. The flowers used here are pink roses, pink orchids, and white baby’s breaths. All these flowers combined gives out a classy and pleasant vibe in the place where it is kept. This is an ideal gift for your girlfriend.

One of a Kind:

Tulips are the national flower of Netherlands, so you can see many flower arrangements that have tulips in it. The last bunch of flowers on this list is a combination of tulip stems and hydrangea stems. These two flowers are tied using a beautiful ribbon.

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A welcome gift for the newborn baby in your family

Addition of a new member to the family is always a happy feeling. If that is a baby the happiness doubles. When we go to visit the newborn, we usually gift something as a welcome gift to the family. The commonly used color for babies is pink. This color even has a variant – baby pink. But that does not mean that you should give only pink colored flowers. Let us see some of the cute and beautiful flowers that can be given to the newborn.

Summer Magic:

The first bouquet on this list is an arrangement of white Asiatic lilies and light peach roses in a glass vase. This gives the newborn’s room a feel of freshness and elegance.

Pink blush for the bundle of joy:

Another way to welcome the baby is by giving a bouquet of pinkish flowers. This bouquet has 2 white Asiatic lilies and all the other flowers are of pink and peach color. Flowers used here are roses, gerberas, and oriental lilies. These are wrapped in a pink wrapper.

Rock-a-bye baby cake:

Just like flowers, designer cake is another option you have. You can order a cake with a figurine of a baby sleeping and celebrate the birth of the new baby. The cake that will be delivered is a white theme fondant cake.

A bouquet in the blue color:

Next welcome gift for the newborn is a glass vase full of blue carnations and pink gerberas. The carnations are double colored (blue and white). The round glass vase gives the pleasant feeling to the baby’s room.

Peek-a-boo baby cake:

The last one is a designer cake that is a 2-tier fondant cake. The cake has a figurine of a bird’s nest on the top. This can also be gifted for the baby shower.

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Why should you gift dry fruits in festival season?

Flower bouquets and arrangements are common gift choice for any occasion. But mixing it with a unique gift will be the best way to wish your loved ones on festivals and special occasions. Dry fruits are considered as the powerhouse of energy and nutrients for centuries. Almond is a dry fruit that should be consumed daily. It can reduce the risk of heart diseases, weight gain, and even high sugar levels. Other dry fruits that are helpful for our health are apricots, dates, walnuts, brazil nuts, and cashew nuts. Here I have mentioned some of the gift combos that have dry fruits with them.

Blooming wishes:

The first one in the list is a combination of a carnation bunch and 500 Gms of mix dry fruits. The stems of carnations will have pink and yellow color flowers to give it an elegant look. This can be gifted to anyone irrelevant of their age.

A gift of joy:

Along with the dry fruits basket order a basket of flowers to make your loved one feel the joy of festivals. The flowers used here are some carnations and 3 bird of paradise stems. This is an ideal gift for your girlfriend or daughter on her birthday because there is one 6-inch tall pink teddy bear with this gift combo.

A hamper of authentic wishes:

The bouquet that is included here has 25 red and white carnations that are wrapped in red paper. The green fillers and the raffia knot make the bouquet unique and elegant. The basket of dry fruits contains 500 Gms of mix dry fruits.

A special and humble surprise:

This gift combo comes with 1 kg of dry fruits and the flowers used to make the bouquet are red roses. Order one of these gifts for your special ones as the gift for special days. 

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If you forget to buy a gift for your spouse on anniversary

I am sure when you read the title itself you would have smiled. It is not a secret that forgetting special days (like spouse’s birthday or wedding anniversary) is not going to be a good experience. But you can make it up with your partner by gifting him/her an anniversary gift. A surprise gift will definitely cheer up your partner.

Pretty paradise:

The gift combo is given the name pretty paradise because it has everything that is needed to pacify your partner who is upset. Once a partner is upset, it becomes imperative to ensure that the gift not only calms him or her down, but also refreshes the mood. This gift contains an elegant bouquet of 50 red carnations, butterscotch cake, and a 6-Inch teddy bear.

Secret admirer surprise:

If you are out there to woo your lady, there cannot be a better choice than this. Express your admiration for her by gifting this combo of 12 blue, purple and white orchids along with a long glass vase. Add to that a 200gm Ferrero Rocher box and you have the perfect gift. The colorful orchids symbolize the charm and exotic beauty that has made you go head over heels.

Infinite wishes:

If you wish to express your unlimited love and care for someone, this one is the right choice. The gift consists of a bunch of 7 exquisite red roses along with a basket of 5 kg of assorted fresh fruits.  While red depicts desire and happiness, the fruits are a delight that no one can deny.

Charming love:

This one is for all those hearts that are in love. This hamper consists of a 500 Gms truffle cake, a beautiful bunch of 12 red roses in a red paper packing, along with raffia knot and a branded grapes juice bottle

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Gift combos for Thanksgiving celebrations

Thanksgiving is a festival that is celebrated worldwide to thank the almighty for his blessings. There may be changes in the dates and traditions depending on the country. In most countries, the Thanksgiving will be celebrated on November 23rd this year. This is the time for celebrations and exchanging gifts. The most important thing is the feast that is prepared for your family. Here we have discussed some of the gift combos that can be ordered for your family on this year’s Thanksgiving celebrations.

A basket of flowers and a wine bottle:

Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts are incomplete without wine. So, if you want to send gift combos to your loved ones, order from the link .The combo has a basket that has carnations and lilies arranged in a beautiful way and a wine bottle for the celebrations.

A fruit box for the festival:

If your loved one is concerned about fitness or weight gaining, you can gift a fruit box that has mixed fruits and some snacks in it. The snacks that are usually included are cookies and water crackers. The fruits can be devoured as evening snacks when there is a family gathering.

A wine bottle and a box of chocolates:

As mentioned above, wine is one of the common thanksgiving gifts that are exchanged between friends and family members. This gift combo has a wine bottle as well as a box of chocolates wrapped in a gift paper. This will make the celebrations merrier.

A combo that will show tender affection:

The last one on this list of Thanksgiving gifts is a combo of flowers and cake. Cake cutting has become an inevitable part of any celebration. The combo has a glass vase arrangement of roses and a chocolate cake in it.

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Chocolate day comes when you send a Chocolate hamper to your loved ones

I am sure some of you would not have even heard of World Chocolate day. But let me tell you that there is a special day dedicated to our favorite dessert. Usually this day is celebrated on 7th July every year; however, there are different days dedicated to different flavors of chocolates. From the month of January to December you can see different days dedicated as chocolate day. Below I have mentioned some of the chocolate gift combos that can be given to kids in your family.

Chocolate hamper tower:

Let us start from a hamper that has a variety of chocolate flavors. This hamper comes with three big boxes of chocolates and 8 small boxes of chocolates. This is the best way to celebrate the chocolate day at your home. Your kids are going to love this gift so surprise them by ordering this online.

Truffle chocolate box:

The next one is for the fan of truffles in your family.  The truffle chocolates are different from the normal chocolates. They will have chocolate ganache center and will be coated in chocolate. Order a box of truffle chocolates for your loved ones in this festival season.

A complete package for winter celebrations:

We all know that November and December are the months for celebrations. We arrange feasts and other activities with our family. Hence I have included a gift hamper that has a wine bottle, cookies, jam, and chocolate boxes. You can say that this is a complete package.

A bouquet of chocolates:

Ferrero Rocher is a famous Italian chocolate brand that started as a family business. If you want to surprise your loved ones in this festival season then this chocolate bouquet will be a perfect choice. This is a bouquet that is made of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, not flowers.

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