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Gifts for Gudi Padwa, the spring festival of India

India is a country of festivals and there are many festivals. Each festival is celebrated in different ways in different states. Gudi Padwa is the name that is used in Maharashtra and the same festival is known by another name in south India. But the festival is celebrated to mark the beginning of spring. Most of the states consider this as the Hindu new year, however, in some states the new year comes in Diwali season.

Fruity fun:

Festivals are the times for family gatherings and fruits are part of these celebrations. If you are planning to visit your relatives for this Gudi Padwa you can buy a gift combo of flower bouquet and fruit basket . The florist has used 6 pink carnations and some seasonal fillers to make the bouquet. The fruit basket will come with 4 kilograms of mixed fruits.

Pink is on my mind:

Roses and carnations are most sought after flowers while ordering for a flower bouquet. The next one on this list is a combo of pink carnations bouquet and a box of Ferrero Rocher. This is the best gift for your wife or girlfriend since chocolates are women’s favorite.

Sweet story and a gift voucher:

If you want to order a gift combo for your wife and kid this is the best option. The gift combo comes with a basket arrangement of flowers (red roses, purple orchids, and pink carnations), teddy bear, and a gift voucher from Lakme fashion.

Garden of wonder:

The last one is the best gift for Gudi Padwa since it can be gifted to 12 different people. These 12 rose bunches will be enough for you to gift to all family members. Totally there will be 240 roses and 12 different colored roses will be arranged in a glass vase.

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List of gourmet baskets that can be gifted for festivals

The tradition of gifting has changed over time. More than making a beautiful gift, people now prefer to gift something that is useful to the recipient. Gourmet basket gifts were the after effect of that thought. Gourmet baskets are those gift baskets that have food or wine as a gift. Gourmet baskets are pleasing to everyone – irrespective of their age. Here are some of the gourmet baskets that can be gifted to your loved ones.

Classic fruits and gourmet basket:

The first one is a basket that has both fruits and other snacks arranged in a cane basket. You will get different types of fruits like apples, pears, grapes, and pineapples. The gourmet items may include cheese, crackers, candies, and chocolates. This is the ideal choice when you have a family get together.

Light gourmet:

Next one is a simple basket that has some snacks and a bunch of mixed color roses. A wine bottle is also included with the basket The snacks in the hamper can be used for family coffee time.

A basket full of snacks:

The next gourmet box listed here is something that can be used to satisfy all the family member’s needs. There are cookies, chocolates, and snacks. You will also get some cooking wine and other items that can be added to the delicious dinner dishes.

Grand gourmet:

The next basket is full of crackers. With the crackers, you will also get some butter cookies that is a favorite among children. The salty cracker biscuits are the right choice with a cup of coffee.

French gourmet basket:

If the recipient is crazy about cooking new dishes you can gift him or her a French gourmet basket. This basket also comes with 2 bottles of cooking wine.

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Let us rekindle the love in our relationships on Holi

Relationships should be handled carefully. If a relationship is not handled delicately discords may arise and that can be saddening. Holi is known as the festival of colors and festival of harvest. But this festival is also considered as an opportunity to rekindle the relationships. This is the time to apologize and forgive. There are some flowers that can be used to ask for forgiveness. Below are some of the flower bouquets that can be gifted to your loved ones.

Warm wishes on Holi:

Yellow is a color used to denote cheerfulness and happiness. Yellow roses are particularly used to apologize to someone. This bouquet is made of 12 yellow roses. This color can also be used to denote forgiveness. When your loved one receives this bouquet he or she will be overjoyed to know that you wish to rekindle the love.

A sweet way to say sorry:

Next, I have included white flowers since white is the color used for integrity and innocence. This flower vase is made of elegant white roses and Asiatic lilies. There are 10 white roses and 4 Asiatic lilies in the glass vase.

The gracious Tulips:

Tulips are usually used to denote royalty. But the expression that gets conveyed through white tulips is forgiveness. The flower bunch in the link is made of white and red tulips. The combination of red and white colors denotes unity. So the combination of white and red tulips also speaks about unity.

White magic:

The last one is a vase arrangement of white flowers. The flowers used here are white roses, succulents, and white Peruvian lilies. All the flowers used here are symbols of purity, integrity, and innocence. There is no other color that can be used to apologize to your loved ones on this Holi.


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How to decorate your house for the festival of colors

Holi is the festival of colors. This is celebrated in the remembrance of victory of good over evil. Even though this was celebrated only in India, this spread to other neighboring countries and even to Europe. Even in India, the traditions differ however the usage of colors is common all over India. This year Holi will be celebrated on 2nd March.

A regal Holi tradition:

Since Holi is known as the festival of colors it is traditional to decorate houses and institutions with colors. For this we usually use flowers. If you are planning to decorate your house for Holi, you can order a hamper that has pink rose petals in it. With this, you will also get Holi color packets and a sandalwood packet.

Blissful Holi treat:

We will have guests for festivals and for Holi also there will be guests. The flower arrangement in the link- is a center table flower basket. The flowers used here are red carnations and there are green fillers to make the basket attractive. Totally there are 20 flowers and a cane basket is used.

A red royal tradition:

The first one on the list was using pink rose petals and like that you can use red rose petals to decorate your house. When you order this you will get 1 kg of red rose petals so that you can use it for decorating the whole house. With that, you will also be given a packet of sandalwood to give a nice fragrance.

Charming carnations Holi surprise:

Just like roses carnations are also commonly used for decorations. So I have included the delicate carnations in this list. The product in the link is a vase arrangement of mix colored carnations.

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Send flowers to your loved ones on this Holi

Holi is a festival that is celebrated in India to mark the end of winter and the beginning of spring. This festival is celebrated in between the end of February and mid of March. This day is also known as the festival of colors because on that day people throw colors and drench each other with color water guns. Festivals bring happiness but if you are not with your loved ones you can only send gifts and wishes to them.

Sweet gift:

The first gift is a combo of flowers and sweets. The flowers used here are pink roses and the traditional Rasagulla is sent along with the flowers. Rasagulla is an Indian sweet that is immersed in sugar water. 

Exotic sight:

The next one on the list of Holi gifts is a combination of exotic flowers and sweet can. The flowers used here are orchids that are arranged in a glass vase. Gulab Jamun is the sweet sent inside the can. Sweets are inevitable for Indian festivals and Holi is the festival of harvest.

Timeless love:

This is the best gift you can order for your lover or spouse. The combo consists of a basket arrangement of 15 roses and another basket filled with mixed fruits. This is the best gift combo for decoration and snacks.

Rose petals:

Next I have included the gift hamper that is needed for the Holi decoration. The hamper consists of 1 kg rose petals, small packs of Holi colors, and a pack of sandalwood powder for the smell. This is the best way to impress your spouse on Holi.

Celebrations on Holi:

The last one on the list is a gift combo of roses and Cadbury celebrations. The flowers used here are pink roses and there are Holi color packets also.

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Send your best wishes on Bhogi to your friends and family

Bhogi is a festival that is celebrated mostly in the southern states of India in the month of January. It is usually celebrated on 13th January but at some places, it is celebrated on 14th January. This is the starting of the Pongal celebrations in India. Here, in this post, we will see some of the gift combos and flower bouquets you can send to your family members and friends who are celebrating this festival of change.

A loving gift on Bhogi:

Festivals are the times when we meet our family members and friends. If we are staying away from them we will be sending our wishes. On this year’s Bhogi let us order a bouquet of 50 red rose stems for our loved ones. You can select the color of the rose if you do not want red roses.

A fun gift:

Next one on this list of Bhogi gifts is a combo of flowers and fruits. The gift combo consists of a bunch of pink carnations and a basket of fruits. This is the best gift for someone who is conscious about their health.

A gift to make them smile:

This gift combo is the ideal gift for your family who is away from you on this year’s Bhogi. This combo has a bunch of pink roses and a box of ladoo. Pink is the color that denotes gentle love towards someone.

A gift combo for everyone:

The last one on the list of the Bhogi gifts is a combo of cake, flowers, chocolate, and a soft toy. The flower bouquet is made of pink carnations and pink roses. The cake is a chocolate truffle cake and the box of chocolates is from Ferrero Rocher. The teddy bear will make the kids in the family happy. 

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Make Pongal special by sending gifts to your family

Pongal is a festival that is observed in India in the month of January every year. Pongal is a harvest festival that is dedicated to thanking Sun God. Four days from January 14th is allocated for these celebrations. Previously it was difficult for us to send wishes and gifts to our loved ones who are far away. Now it has become easier. Let us see some of the beautiful flowers that can be gifted on Pongal.

Timeless love:

The first gift on this list of Pongal gifts is a gift combo of basket arrangement of flowers and a basket of fruits. The flowers represent the best wishes and the fruits represent good harvest.

Power Pink:

Pink color is always used to represent gentle care and love. Why don’t you order a gift combo of pink roses and a basket full of fruits for your loved ones on this year’s Pongal?  

Many best wishes:

A bunch of roses and a basket of dry fruits make the gift unique and classy. The bunch of roses is made of 10 red roses, 5 white roses, and 5 yellow roses. All these flowers are wrapped in a paper to give it a royal look.

A heart with yellow roses:

Next gift on the list of Pongal gifts is a flower arrangement in the shape of a heart. The flowers used here are yellow roses. You can order for red roses if you are gifting it to your lover or spouse.

4-day serenade:

Since Pongal is a festival of 4 days sending gifts on all four days will be a good idea to make someone feel special. Along with the flowers, there will be four different gifts like a fruit basket, chocolate, cake, and teddy.

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A way to convey Lohri wishes to your loved ones in Punjab

Lohri is a festival celebrated in the winter season by people in Punjab region. This is a folk festival that marks the end of winter season. This year it is celebrated on 13th January. Pongal, Bhogi, and Lohri are different versions of winter and harvest festivals observed in India. People exchange gifts for these festivals. If you are planning to send some flowers for this occasion you have landed on the correct page.

A gift showing affection:

The first gift on this list is a combo of cake and flower bouquet. The flowers used here are red roses and the cake is made of chocolate flavor. There are 6 roses and the cake weighs 500 gms. This gift is enough for a family to celebrate Lohri.

Fruity delight:

Well, there will be at least one person who is always worried about getting fat. For that person in the family, you can order a basket full of fruits and some flowers. In this gift, the flowers used are yellow Asiatic lilies. There will be 3 Kgs of assorted fruits in the basket.

A gift of white flowers:

The next gift on this list is a simple bunch of white roses wrapped in cellophane with a ribbon. There are 10 white roses in the bouquet. This is the best gift you can give to the elders in the family. You just have to order it and it will be delivered to their doorstep.

Indulgent surprise:

The last one is a complex flower arrangement. Like cakes, this is a three-tier flower arrangement made of roses. The florist will be using 100 red roses to make this beautiful arrangement. The packing used is of jute and there will a ribbon to tie everything together.

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Thanksgiving is over and let us now welcome the holiday season

Thanksgiving was celebrated on 23rd November. In the previous post, I had mentioned that the holiday season starts with the Thanksgiving celebration. The day after the Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday and is considered as the day on which the Christmas shopping begins. You may not witness this customer in India however; in western countries, this is a tradition. Let us welcome this season by sending flowers to our loved ones abroad.

Send a bouquet to Canada:

Canada is one of the western countries to which many Indians have relocated for job purposes. Send a glass vase of roses and carnations to your loved ones to wish them for this year’s holiday season. The roses are red in color and the carnations are pink in color.

Send a bouquet to Australia:

If your relatives are living in Australia you can send a bunch of gerberas in different colors which will bring smiles to their face. Since they cannot spend the holiday season with you, this gesture of yours will be appreciated by them. We all know that gerberas symbolize cheerfulness.

Send a flower bouquet to Japan:

Next, let us see one of the flower bouquets that can be sent to Japan through the online portals. Send a basket arrangement of pink flowers to your loved ones in Japan. The basket has pink carnations, roses, tulips, and peach roses arranged in a beautiful way.

Send a flower bouquet to the USA:

Don’t you want to surprise your friends and relatives in the USA by sending stunning and elegant bouquets? The bouquet in the link is something that will be admired by anyone who loves flowers. The bouquet is made of two yellow Asiatic lilies, red gerberas, red roses, and purple chrysanthemums.

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Let us welcome the last month of 2017 with cheers

People say time goes very fast and it is already December. This is the month in which we all get ready to welcome the New Year. Sending gifts for our loved ones for Christmas and New Year is a tradition for centuries. This year let us plan a little ahead because you may find it difficult to get the right gifts for your loved ones. Here I am mentioning about the flowers that can bring smiles to their faces.

A simple and special gift:

In my opinion, we cannot keep the yellow color when it comes to bright and cheerful memories. So I have included a vase of yellow Asiatic lily stems in the list of year-end gifts for your loved ones. This is the simplest one in the list and there are only 3 lily stems in a glass vase.

Twinkle touch:

Even though I mentioned yellow as the bright color there are some variants for this color and you can use it to spread happiness. Yes, I was mentioning about very light yellow color. Get a bouquet of 20 light yellow carnations that are wrapped in bright blue paper with a yellow ribbon for your friends for this New Year.

A one-sided bouquet:

Roses are always used to symbolize passion and love. This is the gift that you can give to your girlfriend at the end of the year. This bouquet has 9 red roses, 6 white roses and 7 yellow roses arranged in a red paper.

A bouquet of exotic flowers:

A tall glass vase full of exotic and bright colored flowers is the best choice if you want to impress someone. The vase has Anthuriums, orchids, oriental lilies, Asiatic lilies, and roses.

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