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Pick up the right bouquet for Christmas

Christmas is a time of celebrations and we all love to decorate our houses for festivals. Flowers are inevitable when it comes to decoration. Another specialty of festivals is gift exchanging. We exchange gifts for Christmas and you can order a beautiful flower bouquet for Christmas. In this post, we will see the flowers we can use in Christmas season. You should be careful while selecting the color here more than the flower. We all know that green, red, golden, silver, purple, and white are the commonly used colors for Christmas decorations.

Wonderful expression using red color:

This is a gift combo that has a chocolate cake and a soft toy along with the flower bouquet. The flower bouquet is made of 12 red roses and some green fillers. Since red is the color of Christmas this will suit for Christmas bouquet.

A green and white Christmas gift:

The next color symbolizing Christmas spirit is white so I have added this bouquet of white carnations, white Anthuriums, white Asiatic lilies, and silver colored pine cones. There is a white candle in the middle so you can use this to decorate the living room or dining table.

A charming bouquet:

The next bouquet does not have the main colors of Christmas however it will feature in the list of the luxurious Christmas gifts for your loved ones.

A majestic arrangement:

This bouquet is an arrangement of rare flowers like purple carnations, light violet gerberas, and other seasonal flowers. You may not get this everywhere but if you can get these order it for your loved ones on this year’s Christmas.

A mix of lavender with others:

This flower vase arrangement is made of light pink carnations, purple lisianthus, pink statice, lavender stock, pink Matsumoto asters, and lavender daisy chrysanthemums.

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Select the Christmas gifts before you forget


Selecting a gift for your loved ones is always a difficult job. Here I will try to help you to decide on the gifts that can be given to your loved ones on this year’s Christmas. You may think that it is little early, however, preparing ahead is always the best plan. Just like plum cakes, Santa is another figure that becomes active in Christmas season. So let us include Santa soft toy for the kids in the family when we send the Christmas gifts to our loved ones.

X-Mas two layer bamboos with cake:

The first one on the list is a combo of two-layer bamboo, plum cake, and a Santa hat. We all know that bamboos symbolize luck and plum cake is the “must-have” sweet for Christmas. The glass vase used here has white pebbles to give it an elegant look.

A royal greeting for Christmas:

The second gift combo consists of a 1kg truffle cake, 50 red roses, and a bottle of Moet Champagne. This has everything that is needed for a small Christmas celebration – a cake, a bottle of wine, and a wish. Get this delivered on time and visit your loved ones on the Christmas Eve.

Complete Christmas hamper:

I have included another complete gift hamper that has everything for a Christmas celebration. This hamper comes with 3 feet Christmas tree, 250gm plum cake, 6-inch Santa soft toy, and a Christmas door hanging. This has everything needed for Christmas decoration and celebration.

X-Mas Santa wish basket:

The last one of the Christmas gifts is a basket that has 2 gold & silver ball candles, choc coin chocolates, a gold angel, and a cute 4-inch Santa soft toy. The basket is further decorated using a merry Christmas gold inscription and red ribbon decoration!

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Decoration with Christmas wreath has become easier now

Christmas is a time when we all decorate our houses and prepare delicious meals. Christmas wreaths are something that we use commonly for decoration. However, this year let us do something different. We will be using wreaths but, these are flower wreaths instead of the traditional wreaths. The wreaths are mostly used for Christmas because it represents God who is like a circle. He does not have a beginning or end; just like the circles.

A wreath for special celebration:

White is the color denoting holiness and innocence. Since Christmas is the time we celebrate the birth of God, this white wreath that is made of white roses, gladioli, and gerberas is the best choice. The florist may use some of the seasonal flowers.

A traditional but elegant wreath:

The second Christmas wreath is in pink color. Most of the flowers used here are pink or peach. The flowers used here are gerberas, roses, lilies, and carnations along with the seasonal fillers.

A wreath for peace:

As mentioned above Christmas is the celebration of peace and happiness. So decorate your front door with a wreath that is made of pink colored flowers. This wreath is made of pink lilies, carnations, roses, and gerberas. This is to wish you and your family a peaceful year ahead.

A wreath of hope:

Just like peace, Christmas gives us hope for a better tomorrow. The florist has made this wreath with 50 different color seasonal flowers like roses, carnations, Gerberas, and white lilies.

A simple and elegant wreath:

Here, the florist has used an alternating arrangement of white and red daisies along with green leaves to make this beautiful wreath. They are simple and can be used to decorate your front door in Christmas season.

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Thinking about giving Christmas gifts to your employees?

When you are the boss you may think that there is no need to give gifts to your employees. However, in my opinion, it is always good to gift any individual something for festivals. You do not need to give for all festivals, but definitely for one at least. This year is going to end with Christmas celebrations and you still have time to decide. When you select the gifts coming years also should be kept in mind because you cannot gift less in the next year. If you are confused about the corporate Christmas gifts to be given to your employees you have reached the right page.

A wish basket from Santa:

This is a gift basket that is full of best wishes. This cane basket is filled with chocolate coins, 2 bauble candles (golden and silver), an angel, soft Santa toy, and a red ribbon to bring the festive mood. Order this in bulk for your employees and wish them good luck for the coming year.

Christmas gift to make your employee happy:

Gifts always make us happy and the same goes for our employees. This gives them that special feeling that “our boss cares for us”. Get an online florist to deliver this gift basket to your office. The basket will contain a Santa soft toy, dairy milk chocolates, a reindeer keychain, 2 ball candles (golden and silver), and a merry Christmas inscription.

A wish from Santa:

The next one on this list is a combo of Ferrero Rocher chocolate box, greeting card, and a 6-inch Santa soft toy. This allows your employees to celebrate Christmas in a grand way.

A small basket of chocolates:

This chocolate basket contains 2 Dairy Milk chocolates and some homemade chocolates. The gift hamper is given in a cane basket with a Santa cap. 

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Best Christmas gifts for your grandparents

Christmas is a festival that is celebrated by people all over the world in on 25th December. It is a tradition in many countries to present gifts to their loved ones on this occasion. There will be celebrations, decorations, and a delicious family feast on the Christmas Eve. Let us start with this year’s Christmas gifts for our grandparents in this post. You can either give them a Christmas cake or you can give them a special flower bouquet. The only thing you have to keep in mind is to give something that can be related to Christmas. Let us look into some of the gift combos that can be ordered for your grandparents.

A green bouquet for Christmas:

The first bouquet on this list is made of white Anthuriums, pine cones, white lilies, white carnations, and green fillers. The green fillers used are seasonal which means they will be available only in the winter season. The pine cones used here are painted in silver color to give the elegant look.

Jolly Wine hamper:

As we all know Christmas is the time for celebrations and feasts. Order a wine hamper for your grandparents on this year’s Christmas. There are three flavors of wine bottles in this gift combo so that your grandparents can enjoy Christmas Eve with their family and friends.

A Christmas bouquet for your grandparents:

The last gift on the list of Christmas gifts is an arrangement of green leaves, golden Christmas baubles, golden color candle, and some white flowers like oriental lilies or roses. The color theme here is white, green, and red. The ribbon used to decorate this basket is red color. Your grandparents can keep this in their living room table even after removing the flowers.

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