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Variety of cakes used to express love

Cakes have always been included in the wedding receptions and other functions from ancient times. Even though in the beginning cakes did not have any particular flavor the experiments carried out by chefs resulted in a variety of flavors. There are cake flavors like butterscotch, white forest, and black forest. But the modern bakeries even have different fruit flavors and ice cream cakes. Here we will see the famous cake flavors that are preferred by lovers.


Vanilla has been the most sought-after flavor for weddings and Valentine’s Day celebration for decades. The cake in the link - can be ordered in different flavors but the right flavor for a cake like this is vanilla because of its color. This heart-shaped cake has a chocolate teddy bear on top of it and some frostings that will make your lover or spouse miss you.


Another flavor that is widely used to express true love is chocolate. A two-tier chocolate cake can fill your partner’s heart with lots of love and happiness.


For those who do not know what is mocha - it is the mix of coffee and chocolate flavors. This is a flavor that was blended by chefs who wanted to invent new flavors in cakes. A cake in the shape of a cupid’s heart is one of the best choices for wedding anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and wedding cakes.

Chocolate truffle:

We all know about chocolate truffles. These are the most delicious confectionery with a chocolate ganache center and an outer coating of chocolate or cocoa powder. A chocolate fudge cake with truffle is one of the best gifts to the special person in your life. The cake in the link has a coating of crushed praline on top with some chocolate cream for frosting.

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