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Valentine's Day is not dedicated only to lovers

February 14th is considered as International lovers day. But that is not the complete picture of this day. If you check the history you can see that Valentine’s Day is also known as St. Valentine’s Day. It is the day dedicated to love and affection because of the contributions of Saint Valentine in the prison where he was a prisoner. He even sacrificed his life for another prisoner proving that there can be unconditional love in this world. February 14th was dedicated first as the day for romantic love and then it was made the day for “love and affection”. So it is right to send gifts to your family members and friends who are in our life as a blessing.

Just like you send a bouquet of red roses to your lover you can send a bouquet of pink lilies to your mother who took care of you from the time you were born. An elegant bouquet of Bird of Paradise flowers tied using a green ribbon is one of the best gifts that can tell your love and affection towards your father.

This day is celebrated in different ways in different countries. This day was not widely known in India till 1992. But now lovers exchange gifts on this day. In the beginning, this day was not welcomed by many nations but gradually it became famous with the help of the internet. People came to know about this and started to celebrate it with their loved ones. Gift and greeting card industry did the marketing by crafting gifts, especially for Valentine’s Day. Now we can see many gift shops and shopping malls with the flyers and banners to attract lovers. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong in giving a presentation to the ones we love.

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