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Valentine's Day gifts that can be bought for 1000 rupees

The day for lovers is nearing and it is a common practice among lovers to gift their special one. You can buy anything for your lover but selecting the correct one is very important. Getting a Valentine’s Day gift can be tiring sometimes, and getting something within your budget is another difficult task.

Red Passion:

Red roses are always used as the gift for Valentine’s Day. Hence I have added a bunch of 10 red roses wrapped in a cellophane packing. The ribbon used here is also red. You can witness the happiness on your lover’s face when you give a gift like this – simple yet meaningful.

Perfect love:

Unlike red roses, pink roses are used to denote gentle and poetic love. Next one is a bunch of pink roses that are wrapped in cellophane. There are 10 pink roses in the bunch and this is another gift that can make a huge difference in your relationship. You can either order it to your house or can get it delivered to your lover’s doorstep.

A Tropica gift:

Orchids are used to symbolize beauty, strength, and luxury. These are the royal characteristics of a romantic relationship. Gifting a bunch of purple orchids can be the best way to tell your lover that you treat him/her highly.

A honeycomb gift:

This is a gift that can be given to your crush on Valentine’s Day. A bouquet of 15 yellow gladiolus stems can be used to express your infatuation. The yellow gladioli are tied using a yellow ribbon.

Beautiful desires gift:

Lovers have a relationship that has different feelings. Why don’t you gift your lover a bouquet of mixed flowers on this year’s Valentine’s Day? The florist will be adding different flowers like roses, carnations, gladiolus, and gerberas.

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