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The number of flowers in a bouquet means a lot

Did you know that the number of flowers in a bouquet is really important while expressing your feelings towards someone? We will talk about it here so that you can be careful while selecting a bouquet for your special person. We have already discussed the meanings of flowers and the color of flowers. Red roses symbolize deep love while white roses symbolize pure and innocent love. Like that, the number of flowers we give in a bouquet also sends out some vivid messages. For example, when you give someone a bouquet of 12 red roses the message conveyed is “Be mine”. However, 3 roses mean “I love you”.

In case you want to apologize to someone you can send a bouquet of 8 carnation flowers. Eight is the number for an apology as well as gratefulness. Our loved ones and friends always face struggles in their life and we always want to wish good luck to them. You can send a vase full of 25 Asiatic lilies to wish them good luck in their future endeavors. In case if you want to express your unchanging love towards your partner you can order for 44 flowers. You can even order a bunch of 60 roses to tell your lover that your love will not change.

Above, I just have mentioned about some of the numbers that can be used to express your feelings well and clear. You may search for more precise meanings and messages conveyed by the number of flowers in a bunch online. Number 100 is considered as the number for completeness and hence you can gift 100 red roses or any other flower to tell the person that you love him/her 100% and will love forever.

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