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Teddy bears and birthday gifts

Teddy bear is the soft toy that is popular among kids and adults alike. We tend to buy teddy bears as birthday gifts for our kids and friends. But did you know that the toy got its name “teddy bear” from the United States’ 26th president Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt? People used to call him with the name “Teddy” after his hunting trip to Mississippi in 1902. This toy was developed by a toy maker in US and Germany at the same time in the early years of 20th century. Here I will list some of the gift combos that have a teddy bear in it.

A delicate gift for your daughter:

A bunch of pink carnations, a pink teddy bear holding a heart, and a box of Ferraro Rocher chocolates are the best choices as birthday gifts for girls. We all know that pink color is always accepted by women.

Teddy bear and red roses:

This is one of the simplest Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend or wife. The bouquet contains 20 red roses arranged in the shape of heart with a white teddy bear in the middle. The teddy bear holding a red heart close to his chest will symbolize your love.

Pure bliss:

Next one on the list of teddy bear gifts is a combo of 3 feet tall teddy bear and 4 feet tall flower arrangement. In the flower arrangement, you will get red roses, white roses, red carnations, and white carnations. You can give this to your wife on her birthday or on your wedding anniversary.

A gorgeous carnation bouquet:

Carnations are the flowers with delicate petals and I sometimes feel that they are more beautiful than roses. If you add a pineapple cake and heart holding white teddy bear to the combo it becomes the most charming present.

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