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Stationery items used by florists to make a bouquet

Arranging a bouquet is not an easy task. The florist needs to have basic knowledge about the colors that can be combined and the flowers that can be used for a particular occasion. Not only that he /she needs to buy the accessories or stationery items that can make a bouquet or flower arrangement beautiful. Just collecting the flowers and tying them into a bunch does not make it beautiful or suitable for the occasion. For example, if you are going to decorate a wedding podium you may need color papers and baskets like the bouquet in the link -.

Another stationery item that can come handy if you are a florist is net. Depending on the color of the flower you should select the color of the net. In a bouquet that has orange lilacs and buds, an orange net should be used to bind them together. Another common flower arrangement is done in a basket that is made of coir or bamboo. You can arrange some carnations and stems of lilies in a coir basket to give it an elegant look. You may use spirals as the fillers instead of green leaves. Just like the spirals, there are color dried sticks also that can be used as fillers. These small things will help you to make the decoration catchy.

If you have checked online for simple dining table decorations or candlelight dinner decorations you would have seen glass vases and candles. The flower arrangement in the link has a glass vase in which the florist has kept the carnations, green leaves, and the red candle to give it a romantic feel. So candles are also used by florists to give a variety look to the bouquet or the vase arrangement. 

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