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Special gift baskets you can send abroad

Gift baskets have become a tradition nowadays because they include everything wanted for a celebration like a party or festival feast. There are different types of gift baskets available in the market. They can be of personal care items, snack items, or cooking items. You just have to select the suitable one for the occasion. Here we will check some of the gift baskets you can order for your loved ones who are abroad.

Chocolate basket:

Get a basket full of chocolates before you go to visit your friend. If you are planning a party this basket is enough to serve your friends. This is the ideal one for friendship day celebrations. The chocolates are of different flavors and are suitable for a sleepover party with your friends. 

French gourmet basket:

If your friend is fond of trying different dishes you should get him/her a gourmet basket. Your friend is going to enjoy this basket with two wine bottles and packs of tasty hams. You may even get a plate if you get it delivered before the gathering. While ordering you have the option to place the order to a different address. The wine will add more taste to the hams.

Cheese, crackers, and fruits:

The next basket is for those who are health conscious. This gift basket has cheese, crackers, and fruits. The crackers are for the get-together and the fruits are for your health-conscious friend.

Cocoa basket of cookies:

The last one on the list is a cookies basket that has different flavors of cookies that are good for a tea party. This basket has almost 6 packs of cookies and more packets of chocolates in it. You can order this for your friendship day party or you can get this for one of your friends. 

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