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Some tips you can provide to your loved ones to keep the flowers fresh

We would love to keep the gifts we receive as long as possible. But that is not possible in the case of flower bouquets or baskets. The only possible thing is to keep the flowers fresh as long as possible with some easy tips. So why don’t you give some tips to your loved ones? We will discuss some of the easy tips you can suggest to them.

The first thing you should do is keep the flowers away from the sunlight. If you keep a bouquet of red carnations in the sunlight, they will fade fast. Let us say you are going to gift your lover a glass vase filled with 15 blush red rose stems. The important tip you should give is to cut the stems at an angle which will keep the flowers hydrated. The stems will seal up and block the water from reaching the petals if we don’t cut them. Adding a teaspoon of bleach, sugar, and vinegar to the water in the vase will increase vase life of the flowers. This will also prevent building slimy. If you are planning to gift a bunch of tulips to your loved ones, ask them to keep cutting the stems. The reason behind this is that tulip is the only flower that will continue to grow even after cutting.

When you keep the flowers in the vase make sure the petals or leaves are not touching the water. This will increase the possibility of rotting. You may add sugared soda instead of the bleach, sugar, and vinegar mix to keep the flowers fresh. Your vase should be always clean but do not change the water every day. It will affect the vase life of the flowers.

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