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Some of the unique characteristics of flowers

Flowers always bring happiness and smile on our faces. A bunch of red roses from your loved one can make your day. We already know that different flowers and different colors symbolize different meanings. We have always been mesmerized by the beauty and fragrance of flowers. But did you know that each flower holds its own secret? They are unique in their own way. Here we will see some of the amazing facts about the flowers that we see commonly.

Let us start with the tulips. We all like to receive a bunch of tulips as a gift from someone special. Tulips symbolize strong and loyal love. But did you know that once upon a time tulip bulbs were costlier than gold? This happened in 17th century in Western Europe and was named as “Tulip Mania” because people started to treat tulip bulb as a form of currency. The sunflower that is used to symbolize loyalty and adoration also has a secret. You may already know this but not everyone knows about it. The head of the sunflower moves in the direction of sunlight and that is why it is called sunflower. Not only that the head is made of florets – tiny flowers – which means a sunflower head is a combination of many tiny flowers.

The commonly available flower Rose also has a history to say. Ancient Egyptians considered roses as sacred so they used to make wreath with roses on tombs. They used bunch of roses in rituals and prayers. In the modern time rose hips (this is not applicable for all species) are used to make jellies, jams, and even tea. Rose hips have high concentration of Vitamin C in it. The food items made of rose hips can be used as supplements for kids and adults.

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