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Serenades for the love of your life

Even though we do not need a special day to gift something to the special one in our life, there is a day dedicated to lovers - Valentine’s Day. This is celebrated on February 14th every year but this is not something that should be confined to only one day. This year we can send serenades for your loved one as the gift. In the previous posts, I had mentioned about serenades. Once you order for a serenade there will be gifts send to the address for more than one day.

Smile every day

The first one on the list is a simple yet special gift. This is a 3-day serenade that can be sent to that special one. On the first day, your lover will receive a soft toy with chocolates. On the second day there will a chocolate cake at the doorstep and on the third day, a bunch of roses will be delivered.

Non-stop love for 4 days:

This is a serenade of chocolates. On all days your lover will be receiving an arrangement of red roses. Two 5-star chocolates, 2 Toblerone Swiss Chocolate Bars, a Ferrero Rocher chocolate box, and a teddy bear will be sent on four days along the flowers.

A 7-day serenade:

This is a 7-day serenade that will be sent continuously to your loved one for a week. The flowers used here are seasonal flowers and there will be 200 flowers used for these bouquets. The florist will arrange these flowers in different ways so that these flowers will make an outstanding representation.

3-days of roses:

I have added this 3-day serenade for someone who wants to keep it simple. For three days your lover will be receiving red roses arranged differently.

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