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Send flowers to West Indies to wish Christmas and New Year

West Indies is a union of island countries in North Atlantic Ocean in the Caribbean. We all know that another name for West Indies is Caribbean. Even though these are different island countries they are known by the same name. It is another country where you can find many Indians like in gulf or the European countries. Below are some of the flower bouquets that you can send to your loved ones in West Indies for Christmas and New Year.

A vase of beautiful flowers:

This is a glass vase that has pink roses, pink daisies, yellow roses, yellow daisies, and seasonal flower fillers. The flowers are tied using a normal cloth ribbon. This is something you can send to elders of the family.

A simple gift:

The second one is a glass vase arrangement of Monte Casino, Delphiniums, Solidago, and yellow roses. There are green fillers arranged in the vase to make the flowers more beautiful and elegant.

A sparkling gift:

This is a special gift for the special person in your life. The flower vase in the link has some peach roses that are surrounded by white gypsophila as fillers. The vase used here is a bubble glass bowl.

A basket of common and simple flowers:

This little basket of fresh flowers can be the best gift for your friend in West Indies. The basket has double colored carnations, pink carnations, white chrysanthemums, and oriental lilies. The florist has used gypsophila and green leaves as the fillers here.

Poetic muse:

The last bouquet is a symbol of inspiration; hence the name “poetic muse”. This seasonal flower arrangement comes with red roses, white roses, lemon green carnations, ruby red gerberas, and green fillers wrapped in a red net cloth

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