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Send flowers to Patiala - where fashion is passion

Patiala is a city in the northeastern state of India famously known as Punjab. This is a city with great and regal history. Patiala is known for many traditional clothing items like jutti and turban. This city is not behind in any area – be it cultural or arts. So sending flowers to Patiala is not a difficult task since it is known for its trades. Below are some of the flowers you can send to Patiala through

A gift of integrity:

White is the color that is used to denote purity, integrity, and innocence. The first bouquet is made of 10 white roses. A cellophane paper is used to wrap these flowers and the seasonal green fillers.

Green lights:

The second bouquet in the list is made of Asiatic lilies. This is the perfect bouquet that you can send to your loved ones or friends to thank them for something they have done for you. The yellow lilies symbolize gratefulness.

Sweet surrender:

As I had already mentioned in the previous posts some flowers in the market are rare and they are known as exotic flowers. This is a basket-like arrangement of 6 purple orchids. You can order this to your loved one’s doorstep.

Indulgent surprise:

The last one on this list is a beautiful arrangement of red roses. This 3 layer bouquet is the best way to convey your love towards someone. If the love of your life is away from you and is staying in Patiala you can send this bouquet. The florist has used 100 red roses to make this tall arrangement. Jute and green fillers are used to make the three layers and at the bottom, a red ribbon is used to tie everything together.

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