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Send a hug to your loved ones through flowers

We all know that hugging is the most gentle and strong way to express your affection towards your loved ones. But it is not always possible because we may not be near them due to several reasons. That is why there is a day dedicated to hug day. January 21st is celebrated as Hugging day in many countries. Let us also send our hugs to our loved ones using flowers.

A gift that always works:

A basket arrangement of white Asiatic lilies and purple orchids is one of the ways to tell someone how much you care about the relationship. Send a greeting card also with the flowers.

An exotic flower arrangement:

This is a unique arrangement of exotic flowers like orchids, Anthuriums, and pink Asiatic lilies. The flowers are made into a tall arrangement on bamboo sticks. There are 8 white Anthuriums, 8 Asiatic lilies, and 10 purple orchids.

A tall arrangement of carnations:

A 4-feet arrangement of red and white carnation flowers will make anybody happy. Carnations are known to symbolize gentle care and love. You can send this as a gesture on hug day. After all, gentle care and love are expressed with a hug.

All things in pink:

Just like carnation flowers pink flowers also denote gentleness and politeness. You can use this beautiful basket of 12 pink carnations and with 10 pink lilies to surprise your dear ones on hug day. This is the best gift choice for your daughter.

A gift for the special one in your life:

The last one on this list is the gift for your lover. The flowers are arranged in the shape of a heart. The flowers used here are red roses and there will 1000 red roses in this arrangement.

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