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Say best wishes for a new beginning with a flower bouquet

In this internet era, sending a flower bouquet as the gift is very easy. If it is a common occasion like birthday or anniversary it is easy to choose the flowers. But when you want to wish someone for a new beginning in their life there are some flowers dedicated to that. A new beginning can be anything like new business or a new job. Saying best wishes with flowers for their future is the best gift we can give.


Carnations are always used to symbolize admiration, passion, and good luck. If you want to wish good luck to someone you have to select white carnations from the florist. Get a basket arrangement of white carnations and light pink carnations for your friend’s office room if he/she is starting a new business.


There are different types of lilies that can be used to wish. Order a bouquet of pink lilies, carnations, and roses to wish best of luck for the new beginning. If your friend or relative is starting a new chapter (wedding, job, and new baby) in their life this is the best way to wish them luck.


Even though roses are usually used to denote love and romance you can wish luck using the rare colors of the roses like orange or green. You can get a bouquet of orange roses to say “best wishes” to your loved ones. The bouquet in the link has orange roses and some seasonal flowers as fillers.

Bright colored flowers:

You can also order bright colored gerberas or sunflowers for your loved ones on their new beginning. Do not forget to wish them when you give the flower bouquet. If you are sending it to their doorstep include a note with that.

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