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Rare and exotic flower bouquets in the market

Roses and carnations are the most commonly used flowers in bouquets or flower arrangements. But there are other flowers which are exotic and elegant that can be used to make beautiful bouquets. Some of the rare flowers are Delphinium, blue thistle, Tweedia, tulips, Agapanthus, Clematis, Sharry Baby Orchid, Stephanotis, and Veronica. Not all florists can provide you these rare and exotic bouquets. Most of these are not native to the Indian subcontinent. But if you are trying to send wishes abroad you may be able to order these for your loved ones.

The first one on the list is a mixed bouquet of rare and seasonal flowers available locally. This bouquet has carnations, red roses, and lilies along with the tulips and baby’s breath stems. The mix of common and rare flowers makes it a unique bouquet or gift for your loved ones. This can be given on any occasion. The “bird of paradise” and blue opulent orchids are very rare species and are not easy to get. The bouquet that contains “bird of paradise”, blue orchids, and yellow Anthuriums is the most unique bunch of flowers I came across online.

Another way to make your bouquet unique and exotic is by arranging the flowers in a cylindrical glass vase. The flower vase in the link has “birds of paradise”, rare colors of orchids, roses, Anthuriums, and lilies. The combination of these flowers makes the vase unique and rare. As the last bouquet, I would like to add the vase arrangement in the link to the list. The bouquet has some of the wildflowers of Australia with green fillers and seasonal flowers. Some of the flowers included are rose cornflower and banksia coccinea. These bouquets are the best way to make your loved ones feel special. 

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