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Pretty mothers day gifts for 2018

A gift needs to be both touching as well as pretty. So, this mother’s day are you going to get something pretty or just an ordinary gift for the mother? If your choice is the former, read on.

Gift of joy Mother's day special:

If roses are considered to be the symbol of love, white is believed to be a sign of purity. So when you have a white rose you are demonstrating pure love. This is why the “Gift of joy – mother’s day special” is among the good mothers day gifts. This simple, yet elegant gift consists of a bunch of twelve white roses in a cylindrical glass vase. You have the occasional greens and carnations to give it a complete look.

Wonderful mother:

A wonder woman that we often do not recognize in our lives is none other than the wonderful mother. So this good mother days gift called Wonderful Mother is an ideal memento of appreciation to the woman who has given it all. It consists of a beautiful arrangement of multi-colored gerberas, twenty of them are well held together with a beautiful ribbon. Gerbera has been associated with giving a pleasant feeling. Though not as big as its sibling, the Sunflower, they do give you an expression of their unmatched beauty and aura.

Kudos to mother:

When you look forward to appreciating somebody do it loud and clear. If there is somebody who deserves all the praise and appreciation it is no other than the Mom. You wouldn’t find many good gifts for mothers than the Kudos to mother. While roses signify love and appreciation, lilies are a symbol of humility and devotion. Combine the white version of both of these adorable flowers and you get the perfect way to appreciate somebody with all your heart. This good mother days gift has a cute arrangement of ten white roses and four white lilies with matching fillers in a cylindrical glass vase.

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