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Plan ahead for Diwali gifts for your employees

Diwali is the festival of lights that is celebrated in Asian countries like India, Nepal, Singapore, and Sri Lanka. This is called the festival of lights to symbolize the victory of light over darkness (same as good over evil). This year’s Diwali will be celebrated on 18th October. If you have not yet decided on the Diwali gifts for your employees this post will be of great help to you.

Crackers and flowers:

This is one of the gifts that can be sent to your female employees. A bunch of pink carnations and crackers can be the best choice for corporate gifts. You just have to order the number of gifts you need and arrange someone to order it for you.

Diyas for Diwali:

we all know that Diwali is known as the festival of lights and the houses will be decorated with lights and Diyas. Another suggestion as corporate Diwali gift is a box of almonds with four Diyas to decorate their house. You can give this gift to both male and female employees.

Sweets and crackers:

Bursting crackers is considered as an important ritual for Diwali. Without lighting at least one cracker, Diwali celebrations will be incomplete. So you can order for a box of sweets and crackers for your employees this year. This will be more suitable for male employees.

Chocolates and Diyas for the ladies:

The last one in the corporate Diwali gifts is a combo of milk chocolates and Diyas. We all know that women love chocolates so this is the perfect choice for the female employees. The pack comes with 3 milk chocolate bars, four Diyas, and a matka diya.

The second one is the best choice since you can send it to everyone in your office.

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