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Not so common flowers and their meanings

We already know that each flower has its own meaning and sentiments to express. If you have decided on the feeling or expression that you want to convey, it is easy to select a flower gift from online websites like You may be already aware of the meaning of roses and carnations because they are commonly used in bouquets. Below are some rare flowers and their meanings.


Tulips are known to be originated in Turkey and Persia even though they are now popular in Netherlands.

Netherlands is mostly associated with Tulips as it is their national flower. Tulips impart the message of the elegance and grace of perfect love. A mix of different colored tulips can represent the complete love you wish to express.


As the name indicates, these yellow bright flowers represent sun even in shape. The petals that spread out from the center express the radiating light. Hence the meaning of a bunch of sunflowers can express longevity with adoration and warmth.


These flowers are known to be rare but there are more than 25,000 types of orchids making them the largest flower group on the earth. They are considered as the symbol of mystery, luxury, and refinement.

They represent delicate and rare beauty and a bunch of orchids can be the best gift for your special one when you go out on your first date.

Gerbera Daisies:

Just like the sunflowers, Gerberas are large and beautiful. They come in a variety of bright colors (unlike sunflowers) to express cheerful sentiments. These bright flowers are used to represent innocence and beauty. Nothing like a bunch of mix colored gerbera daisies can express the pure and cheerful love. Make sure you have red, yellow, and pink gerberas in the bouquet.

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