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Mixing of flowers for your bouquet business

If you are a florist or are aspiring to become one this post can help you. Some flowers when mixed will send out pleasant feelings and some flowers will send out sad feelings. So before starting to mix flowers just remember to know these basics. It will also depend on where (the local culture) you want to set up the business. Here we will see some of the flowers that can be mixed well to convey messages. There are some websites from where you can order the freshly cut flowers in large numbers.

You should always keep in mind that mixing the flowers that are seasonal will be the best way to cheer up your customers. For example, mixing daffodils with the tulips will give out pleasant feelings to the customers. But these flowers are not common like other flowers (I meant roses or carnations). So if you cannot get these try to arrange bright colored flowers like red roses, yellow Asiatic lilies, and a sunflower. The link will take you to pages from where you can buy these flowers as a bulk order. If you want to make these arrangements more special add pink oriental lilies instead of yellow Asiatic lilies.

Arranging some pink roses in the center of circle-shaped red carnations is another way to make a simple flower arrangement. If you want to offer low-cost flower arrangements to your customers, the best suggestion I have is to go for hydrangeas. When white hydrangeas are arranged in a tall glass vase it gives an elegant touch to the decorations. These can be grown easily in our garden. You should never forget about the importance of green fillers that can be used to make the bouquets complete.

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