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Make family day celebrations special with flowers

The family is the founding stone of each community and in each country, there is a day dedicated to the family. This day is celebrated as “family day” and comes on different dates. In some countries this day is celebrated in February and in some countries the Friday after the fourth Thursday in the month of November is dedicated for this. On this year’s family day, let us see some of the bouquets you can gift to your family members.

1. Parents:

Let us start with our parents or the elders in the family. They have brought us up with their hard work and unconditional love. They deserve our pure and innocent love and care.  So a bouquet of 6 white Asiatic lily stems will be the best choice. We all know hat white lilies symbolize integrity and innocence.

2. Husband:

Next flower bouquet is for the husband. Wife can order it online so that they will deliver at the doorstep on family day. This bouquet is a mix of lilies. The florist has arranged 12 orange, yellow, and pink lilies to represent all the feelings a wife will have towards her husband.

3. Wife:

Next one is for the lady of the family. If you are planning to gift a bouquet to your wife on this year’s family day order for a bouquet of 50 pink and red roses.  Roses are always used to convey the feeling of love and pink roses symbolize gentle love towards your spouse. She will definitely like this surprise gift.

4. Children:

Children are the future of the family and of the country. They deserve special treatment on family day. You can send them a small bunch of pink carnations and white lilies wrapped in a white lace cloth for this year’s family day.

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