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Let us rekindle the love in our relationships on Holi

Relationships should be handled carefully. If a relationship is not handled delicately discords may arise and that can be saddening. Holi is known as the festival of colors and festival of harvest. But this festival is also considered as an opportunity to rekindle the relationships. This is the time to apologize and forgive. There are some flowers that can be used to ask for forgiveness. Below are some of the flower bouquets that can be gifted to your loved ones.

Warm wishes on Holi:

Yellow is a color used to denote cheerfulness and happiness. Yellow roses are particularly used to apologize to someone. This bouquet is made of 12 yellow roses. This color can also be used to denote forgiveness. When your loved one receives this bouquet he or she will be overjoyed to know that you wish to rekindle the love.

A sweet way to say sorry:

Next, I have included white flowers since white is the color used for integrity and innocence. This flower vase is made of elegant white roses and Asiatic lilies. There are 10 white roses and 4 Asiatic lilies in the glass vase.

The gracious Tulips:

Tulips are usually used to denote royalty. But the expression that gets conveyed through white tulips is forgiveness. The flower bunch in the link is made of white and red tulips. The combination of red and white colors denotes unity. So the combination of white and red tulips also speaks about unity.

White magic:

The last one is a vase arrangement of white flowers. The flowers used here are white roses, succulents, and white Peruvian lilies. All the flowers used here are symbols of purity, integrity, and innocence. There is no other color that can be used to apologize to your loved ones on this Holi.


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