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How to select flowers for traditional and stylish wedding decoration?

Before going for the wedding shopping, deciding the theme for the wedding decoration is very important. The flowers and other accessories needed for this should be bought according to the theme. Here we are discussing about a wedding in the traditional but also a stylish way. Hence the colors that we should be using are purple and white. The flowers that are ideal for a traditional theme are carnations, lilies, and roses.

Purple flowers:

Most commonly used color for tradition themed weddings is purple. Hence in this list, first I have added the purple carnations for your reference. In this vase arrangement, the flowers used are mainly light purple carnations and light purple small lilies. These are the two flowers you can use for wedding decorations from this arrangement. You may order these flowers in bulk since the arrangement will be decided by your florist.

Carnation fascination:

Other than purple carnations we can use white carnations also to decorate the wedding podium. The vase arrangement in the link has the white carnations along with the red carnations that can be used for decoration.

White Elegance:

This bunch of flowers is added to this list to show you the type of white roses that can be used for wedding decorations. These can also be used to make the wedding bouquet for the bride.

Carnation carnival:

This bouquet is like a backup plan for the decoration. If you are not able to find white or purple carnations you can use the pink carnations like in this bouquet.

Here I just gave you the idea about the flowers that can be used. You may either order it online for bulk delivery or can ask the local florist to get it done for you.

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