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How do florists safeguard their plants and flowers in winter?

We are aware of the fact that each plant and flower needs optimum weather conditions to grow and thrive in nature. That is why we cannot grow orchids in raw soil everywhere. You would have seen nurseries that have man made arrangements to grow orchids. You cannot directly plant these in the soil because that will kill the plant. Florists around the world have to take special care to keep their plants alive in all seasons. The winter is approaching so let us see some of the common ways used by florists to keep the flowers fresh in winter.

But let me tell you it is easier to keep a bunch of red roses fresh in winter than in summer. Because of the cool weather, the flowers will stay fresh longer in winter than in summer. But that is not the case of the flowers that are not cut. If you have an orchid plant you will have to place it inside the house to save it from the harsh weather outside. This is same for flowers like lilies and hyacinth. In summer the florists keep them in the refrigerator so that they can stay fresh longer. It is not the winter that withers the flowers but the scorching heat of the summer.

Rather than keeping them fresh the challenge faced by florists in the winter is the scarcity of flowers because the plants need controlled conditions to blossom. Even though you may not get flowers like roses in the local shops you can order them from websites like Another method adopted by florists and botanists all over the world is building a temporary cold house only for winter. You can even call it a greenhouse that creates the ideal environment for the plants.

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