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Gifts and traditions related to Halloween

We already spoke about the Halloween and some gifts before in another post. But here we will look into traditional gifts that can be given on Halloween. This day is celebrated on October 31st every year. On this day we remember those who are dead; even saints and martyrs. The origin of this tradition is still an argument among historians.

Some say that this festival is seasonal and was celebrated by Celtic people to mark the end of the harvest season. If you follow this tradition the Halloween gifts you give should contain fruits or vegetables. You can order a basket of mixed fruits for your loved ones on this year’s Halloween. The seller has named it as “mother's care gift set” to denote the Mother Nature. We all know that harvest does not mean only fruits and vegetables. There may be flower plants also in your land which you cultivate to make a living out of it. To symbolize this you can send a bunch of 20 pink carnations to your loved ones as one of the Halloween gifts.

We all want to give the perfect gift for our loved ones and a fruits cake is one of the best Halloween gifts that I used to get from my relatives. The cake will have mixed fruit flavors with freshly cut fruits decorating the top. Order for a cake like that and your loved one is definitely going to pray for a good harvest next year. Sending a fruit basket may seem common so you can mix a food hamper box with the fruit basket to make it unique. The box comes with mixed fruits and food items like peanut butter or sweet crackers. Wish a happy Halloween with these gifts.


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