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Flowers that can stay longer when taken out of water

Not all flowers become dull once they are taken out of the water. Some flowers can stay one day and some can stay alive even for a week. It will depend on the type of the flower and the care you give. If you are someone who wants to know about flowers that can be used to decorate stages or halls this is the right article for you. There are some flowers that will stay fresh longer than the other flowers in the market. This will be helpful if you want to keep the decorations for some days.


The first flower on the list is peonies. These flowers may seem like they are delicate but they can stay fresh for even one week if kept inside. A vase full of peonies can be used to decorate indoors.

Cut small lilies:

Lilies are always welcome for wedding decorations. People nowadays prefer lilies over roses or carnations. The main reason for this is that they can be kept fresh for more days than roses. If you are planning to decorate the reception area for a wedding you can buy a vase full of white lilies. But for this, you may have to buy buds, not the open flowers because cutting plays a major role in keeping them fresh.

The fillers needed for decoration:

Along with the flowers, you will need green and tiny flower fillers. Breath of spring is one of the flowers like that. The bouquet in the link has some yellow roses and white “Breath of springs” in it. Just like that, green button poms can also be used for decorations because these two can stay fresh for a long time.


These flowers are known for their longevity when proper care is provided. Order a bouquet of gladioli for the decorations online

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