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Flowers that can be sent as letterbox flowers

Arranging letterbox flowers is a way implemented by most of the florists to make the gift compact and fit for the occasion. Based on the flower selected by the customer the number of flowers in the letterbox will be changed. The box will be having a standard size that can be fit through most of the letterboxes. Most of the time the flowers will be buds that are ready to blossom before they reach the owner. These gifts will be delivered through the letterbox on the date and time preferred by the customer. Let us see some of the flowers that can be used as letterbox flowers.

A simple letterbox gift:

The first one on this list of gifts is a small cylindrical vase with three orange roses. You can send this in a letterbox to your loved one. You can either deliver it yourself or can arrange someone to get it delivered to you.

A gift of passionate love:

It is widely known that red roses are used to symbolize the passionate love between lovers. This letterbox has some red rose stems tied using golden ribbon.

A letterbox gift combo:

This gift combo has a red rose stem, teddy bear, and a chocolate pack. The rose will be packed in a cover that will fit through the letterbox.

A rose and Irish cream:

Next one is also a gift combo that has a letterbox with single flower stem and a bottle of Bailey’s Irish cream. You can select the color and the type of the flower you are going to put inside the letterbox.

For the love of your life:

The last one is a combo of a letterbox flower arrangement, teddy bear, and chocolate box. You can arrange these gifts separately or get it delivered as a combo.

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