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Flower wreaths to decorate your house for functions

Wreath is an ornament that is used to decorate our houses especially the front door in festival season. For those who do not know what a wreath is – it is an arrangement of flowers, fruits, leaves, twigs or various materials to resemble a ring. Wreath was used in ancient Rome to symbolize victory over enemies and Christians consider wreath as a symbol to represent Christ – ring for eternity. Let us see some of the best assortment of flowers as a wreath those can be used to decorate your house.

Fond remembrance:

From Thanksgiving to Christmas, flower wreaths are commonly used for decoration. Order a light purple flower wreath with light purple orchids, pink chrysanthemums, pink roses, orange roses, and green fillers as the décor for festival season.

Contemporary wreath:

The meaning of the word contemporary is “that happens at the same time”. From the name itself, you would have understood that this is a wreath that is made of seasonal flowers available at the time of order. The wreath is made of yellow roses, chrysanthemums, and Marigold flowers because these are available all year long.

The traditional wreath:

This is another light colored wreath that can be used to decorate the wedding stage or hall. This traditional wreath is made up of pink chrysanthemums, pink lilies, pink roses, and orange roses with green fillers. The ribbon that is used to tie the wreath is also pink. Let me remind you that the colors used commonly in wedding decorations are pink and white.

Elegant wreath:

The last one on the list is a unique wreath that has white and red chrysanthemums arranged alternatively. The outer circle is made of green leaves and fillers to make it noticeable even from a distance. This can be used as a door décor for Christmas. 

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