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Exotic flower baskets for your friend

Flowers like orchids and Anthuriums are known as exotic flowers.  We all know that for a particular geographic region there is a particular set of plants and flowers adapted to the local climate. But exotic plants are those plants introduced to a new location that is foreign to them. You were also like that when you first met your friends. They made you comfortable and helped you to grow up. So when you meet your close friends do not forget to take a flower basket with you.  

A small exotic basket:

The most commonly found exotic flowers are orchids. You can depict your love and care with a bunch of blue and white orchids. Your friend is going to love this gesture from you. The basket used here is a flat one that is in a lying condition.

Ode to the divine:

This basket contains Anthuriums and carnations arranged in a basket with green leaves. People tend to remember if we do something different. So greet your friend with this exotic basket and he/she is going to remember it for a long time.

Your friends will go wow:

Gladioli are the beautiful flowers that are messengers of integrity and commitment. You can get a basket of 12 roses and 10 gladioli for your friend when you go to meet him/her. The gladioli used are peach in color and roses are pink in color.

Bright bonanza gift:

The last one on this list is a combination of carnations and blue orchids. A small basket is used and the flowers are arranged on both sides. Green flat and long leaves are arranged in a way to give it a grand look. This basket can convey your passionate love towards your friend or even your lover-to-be. 

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