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Different colors of roses and their meanings

As per the science of plants (Botany), roses are flowers of perennial shrubs in the genus of Rosa. But this definition may not be necessary for us because we exactly know what a rose is. Did you ever know that there are more than 100 species in this genus and they are very beautiful? They come in a range of colors. Some of them are natural and some of them are hybrid colors. You can even buy a rose in “Amber Flush" color from the market. The size also varies depending on the species. We also know that there are different meanings for the color of roses and here we will see the four most commonly used colors.

Red roses:

A bouquet of red roses is always used by couples to express their love and romance. Red roses also depict beauty and is a method used to say “I love you” to your partner.

Pink roses:

A rose in pink color can express many feelings. Some of the feelings that can be conveyed through a bouquet of pink roses are happiness, grace, admiration, sweetness, and gentleness because the pink color (usually light color) is gentle to the eyes.

Yellow roses:

Unlike red roses, the yellow roses express the friendship between two people. A bunch of yellow roses tells the other person that you are very happy to be with him/her. This color is usually used by friends to wish each other when they meet. This color also sends out a cheerful vibe to the receiver.

White roses:

We all know that the white color represents innocence and purity. So, giving a bunch of white roses will tell the person that the feelings you have towards that person are innocent, pure, and charming. 

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