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Did you know that flowers are good for health?

Flowers play an important role in our lives. We give flowers to our lover or spouse to make him/her feel special. We also use flowers to decorate our living room tables and for worships. Everybody likes to have a beautiful garden in front of their house because it gives an elegant look. Other than gifting and decorating, flowers can be used for another purpose. Not everyone is aware of the fact that there are flowers that can be used as flavors in desserts or dishes. The first one in this list is rose. I have tasted roses in my childhood and they were indeed tasty. If you are someone who loves to experiment flavors in cakes or shakes you can order a bunch of 75 red roses through websites like

Another flower that can be used for desserts and cocktails is lavender If you go to an ice-cream shop you may get lavender flavor because with the aroma it has a sweet taste too. Not only that you can find lavender even in sauces. Dandelions are also edible but these are used for main dishes like pasta, salad, and even to flavor wine. They are flowers that look like button poms but with little longer petals. Viola is another flower that is widely used by restaurants and hotels to decorate their salads and dishes.

I am sure that you all know about hibiscus and its uses. Other than in cocktails hibiscus is also used to make green tea because of its anti-oxidant property. You may not be able to find all these flowers in the local stores. So search online for the websites that can give you flowers in large numbers if you are doing a cocktail business using flowers.

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