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Birth flowers for the months July – December and their meanings

Flowers are the most beautiful part of the flora and they play an important role in modern day’s communication. Well, you can even say that flowers are used to convey the most intimate feelings that cannot be expressed through words. From birthdays to wedding anniversaries, we tend to gift a bouquet of flowers with this purpose. Here, I will take you through the birth flowers that can be gifted from the month of July to December. We will speak about the other months later here.


July is that time of the year when the summer comes to an end and fall or autumn starts. The flowers for the month of July are water lily and Delphinium. While Delphinium is used to indicate happiness the water lilies are used to represent purity or majesty.


In August, shiny and bright flowers blossom since it is the start of summer. The birth flowers that can be gifted in August are poppy and gladiolus. A bunch of gladiolus express strong love and poppy symbolize integrity. 


The flowers that can be gifted in the month of September are aster and the “morning glory”. While aster resembles powerful love the morning glory gives out simple symbols of affection.


This is the month in which the real autumn is and the flowers that can be used are marigold and the cosmos. Both these flowers indicate warmth and peace.


This month is very unique and hence you get only one flower to wish your loved one – the youthful chrysanthemum. A vase arrangement of these flowers with a cake is a perfect gift for the birthday celebrations.


The last month of the year brings out hope and expectations for the next year. Hence the flowers used are holly and narcissus. A mix of holly, rose, and lilies speaks all your emotions towards your loved one. 

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