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Arrangement of flowers for the women's week celebration

The week in which the women’s day falls is celebrated as women’s week. This year the Woman’s day is celebrated on 8th March. So the women’s week will start on 2nd March. Even though this is the normal practice there are places where they celebrate the women’s week on different dates. They plan for a week full of activities whenever it is possible. Here are some of the flower arrangements for your living room or office room in women’s week.

Decoration with lilies:

Oriental lilies are smaller than Asiatic lilies and they are beautiful. Buy a bunch of 25 pink oriental lilies to decorate the office room in women’s week. It will be a good idea to use different colors for 7 days in the week.

Eternal Passion vase:

If you are planning for a simple decoration you can order for a vase arrangement of pink roses from online flower shops. The glass vase in the above link has 15 pink roses in it.

Eternal embrace:

Roses speak volumes about our emotions. Decorating your living room with roses is the best way to tell the “lady of the house” that she is precious. Get a nice basket arrangement of mixed colored roses for seven days in the women’s week. There are totally 50 roses in this arrangement (5 different colors of roses).

Made for each other:

Next one is another basket arrangement of flowers that can be kept in your living room. In this arrangement, there are 8 pink roses, 12 tuberoses, 6 purple orchids, and 15 white roses.

7-day serenade:

You can order the flowers for 7 days in a single order by using the serenades. A 7-day serenade of different flowers arranged in a basket is the easiest way to get the decoration done.

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