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Are you ready with your Halloween gifts?

Halloween is a celebration that falls on 31st October at end of the spring season and the starting of the winter season. Even though there are different stories pertaining to the origin of Halloween celebrations, the widely accepted theory is that this was introduced in Western Europe in the 18th century and is of Christian origin. This day is dedicated to the dead including all the saints and martyrs who have departed. This is the time of the year when we pray for them and thank God for the blessings. Let us see some of the Halloween gifts that can be sent to your loved on this day.

Tender and caring love:

Even though this day is dedicated to the faithful departed from us, people exchange gifts and wishes on that day. A bunch of pink carnations given to your family members and friends on this year’s Halloween will speak a lot about your feelings towards them.

A warm wish to your loved ones:

Another custom that is followed on Halloween day is expressing your caring love towards the family of the deceased. If someone from your family or friends circle lost their loved one you can send your warm wishes with a bunch of 6 red roses and 6 white carnations.

Embrace the weak:

Along with the grace and elegance, let us embrace the weak with a bunch of pink roses and white gladiolus. The flowers are wrapped in baby pink papers and are tied using a pink ribbon.

Blooming love:

A one-sided bunch of yellow gladiolus and red roses can be used to express your warm and caring love towards someone on this year’s Halloween celebrations. The flowers are wrapped in red paper with a yellow ribbon tying them together. 

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