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All that is green are not leaves

We all are familiar with the proverb – “All that glitters is not gold”. I am writing this post to tell you that all that green in color is not necessarily a leaf. There are many flowers that have the green color and are beautiful. Nowadays people usually select green flowers and plants as the gifts instead of colorful flowers. The reason behind this is that green flowers symbolize rejuvenation and nature. In some countries, they are even considered as an omen of good fortune and prosperity. Let us see some of the beautiful green flowers.

Chrysanthemums in green color:

The first one on this list is green chrysanthemum. We all know about the beautiful chrysanthemums that come in different colors. The bouquet has roses and gerberas along with green chrysanthemums. This bouquet is completed using the green leaves in between the flowers.

Vivacious in vogue:

The next flower that is green and beautiful is carnation. The bouquet in the link has different flowers arranged in a glass vase. The flower vase used here are pink gerberas, green carnations, green chrysanthemums, and orange roses. The name given by the florist is apt for this arrangement since the green flowers lift the spirit of the person receiving the gift.

Lilac grace:

Another flower that I found graceful and is green in color is button pom poms. The bouquet in the link  has pink roses, button pom poms, hydrangeas, and other seasonal fillings.

Other than the above-mentioned flowers there are many flowers that come in green color. You would be familiar with Cockscomb flowers. They come in many colors like blue and magenta. But I found some stunning flower arrangements that have green color Cockscomb flowers in it. You can also buy green roses, orchids, and hydrangeas; however, these are rare.

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