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A way to convey Lohri wishes to your loved ones in Punjab

Lohri is a festival celebrated in the winter season by people in Punjab region. This is a folk festival that marks the end of winter season. This year it is celebrated on 13th January. Pongal, Bhogi, and Lohri are different versions of winter and harvest festivals observed in India. People exchange gifts for these festivals. If you are planning to send some flowers for this occasion you have landed on the correct page.

A gift showing affection:

The first gift on this list is a combo of cake and flower bouquet. The flowers used here are red roses and the cake is made of chocolate flavor. There are 6 roses and the cake weighs 500 gms. This gift is enough for a family to celebrate Lohri.

Fruity delight:

Well, there will be at least one person who is always worried about getting fat. For that person in the family, you can order a basket full of fruits and some flowers. In this gift, the flowers used are yellow Asiatic lilies. There will be 3 Kgs of assorted fruits in the basket.

A gift of white flowers:

The next gift on this list is a simple bunch of white roses wrapped in cellophane with a ribbon. There are 10 white roses in the bouquet. This is the best gift you can give to the elders in the family. You just have to order it and it will be delivered to their doorstep.

Indulgent surprise:

The last one is a complex flower arrangement. Like cakes, this is a three-tier flower arrangement made of roses. The florist will be using 100 red roses to make this beautiful arrangement. The packing used is of jute and there will a ribbon to tie everything together.

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