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A guide for selecting the right flowers for a man

After reading the caption, some of you would have thought “Do men like receiving flowers?” Let me tell you; they do love receiving flowers as gifts. The only thing you have to be careful is the flower selection. The obvious reason is that just like the other gifts, the flowers you can gift to men are entirely different from what you can gift a woman.

Type of flower:

When you select the gift make sure the flower matches the situation. In my opinion, even though roses are favorite the flowers that suit a man are orchids, gerberas, and sunflower. The above-given link takes you to a bouquet that has blue and purple orchids arranged beautifully. You can even use daffodils.

The color of the flower:

Once you have selected the type of the flower, the next thing you have to decide is the color of the flower. Men usually prefer yellow, blue, green, and orange. Pink is a big NO when it comes to flowers for men. It is better to avoid pink and white while ordering a flower bouquet for men. You can either gift him a pot with a plant or a bunch of orange gerberas.


The number of flowers in a bouquet is also important. In some countries, even numbers are considered as unlucky and in some countries; odd number of flowers is considered unlucky. So this depends on the locality and community. Unless he is your boyfriend do not gift a flower that symbolizes romance (red stemmed roses). When we gift flowers to girls and women we tend to select baskets and bouquets with bows or frills. It is better you avoid this kind of decorations. A man loves to receive simple bouquet with rich tones. 

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